Currently Obsessed Round-Up

Hi, Beautiful Blossoms! Yes, I’m aware that I was supposed to make this entry yesterday, but unfortunately life needed my attention and it didn’t involve me sitting down on the computer and making this entry until today.

The last Friday of every month will be dedicated to reviewing all the products I’ve mentioned in the “Currently Obsessed” series so you know where to get them at the best price possible.

Let’s get started!

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Currently Obsessed: Tatcha

Previously on Currently Obsessed:

The first step was the Camellia Oil. I couldn’t help but be skeptical – how can an oil be used as a cleanser? Part of my face was oily, so why use oil to clean it away? But because I wanted to have GEISHA BABY SKIN, I went ahead and massaged my face with the stuff as instructed.

20 seconds later, it was time to wash the stuff off. Holy. Shit.

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Currently Obsessed: Kiko Milano (Part 2)

Previously on Currently Obsessed:

I took a bus to Kings Plaza (I debated whether to name the shopping center or not out of safety reasons, but I didn’t wanna keep saying “shopping center” over and over) to check out Kiko Milano, a relatively unknown cosmetic company in the US but a cult favorite in Europe. My journey was kicked off by my search for a lip exfoliator in a tube, which Kiko sells.

Fortunately for me, they had set up shop in KP (Kings Plaza) so I was able to check out the lip exfoliator in person rather than take a chance online. As soon as I got off the bus, the one question I had in mind: would Kiko Milano be able to dethrone Sephora?

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