About Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics

Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics focuses on natural beauty – Mother Nature continuously wows humanity with her breathtaking artistic creations and I want to empower men and women to use cosmetics to emphasize their own natural beauty. Cosmetics has always been seen and used to create an external mask for people to hide behind in public and/or to look socially acceptable. The industry alone is worth billions of dollars and inundated with advertisements of men and women who have been carefully selected to appear aesthetically pleasing with company cosmetics (and a little Photoshop magic, of course).

Cosmetics became a coping mechanism and a form of self-care for me and for the very first time in my life, I felt like I was able to appreciate makeup the way countless makeup artists, bloggers, and vloggers have done before me. And it was THAT appreciation that breathed new life into BBA.

I want Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics to be more informal, casual, and relaxed – I want you, my Beautiful Blossoms, to laugh, cry, cringe, or even do all three as I venture back into the world of cosmetics with the lessons that I learned while I was away and during my return trip home.

And I’m glad to be back.

– Blossy 🌺

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