About Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics

Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics focuses on natural beauty – Mother Nature continuously wows humanity with her breathtaking artistic creations and I want to empower men and women to use cosmetics to emphasize their own natural beauty. Cosmetics has always been seen and used to create an external mask for people to hide behind in public and/or to look socially acceptable. The industry alone is worth billions of dollars and inundated with advertisements of men and women who have been carefully selected to appear aesthetically pleasing with company cosmetics (and a little Photoshop magic, of course).

Originally, I created Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics as a launching pad to do Direct Selling in cosmetics (that’s a whole story in and of itself, which I won’t bore you with), but after a number of factors in 2015, I shied away from everything involving cosmetics altogether. For a good while, I just couldn’t bring myself to think or talk about makeup.

Running the site turned out to be a good learning process for me – at one point, I felt like a failure for being unable to run the site from a marketing point of view and even sell one Motives item. So, I considered shutting down BBA altogether. There were countless beauty blogs out there and YouTube tutorials on makeup that I felt like a speck of sand in an endless beach. How was I supposed to get myself out there somehow without being a repeat of what everyone else is doing?

On top of that, my ex-boyfriend cheated on me twice.

Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics was far, far away from my thoughts at that point. Ironically, that blow in my life led me back to cosmetics. Except this time, I wasn’t in it to sell and push products to make money – I just wanted to do me and enjoy playing around with makeup in a way that I never allowed myself to.

Cosmetics became a coping mechanism and a form of self-care for me and for the very first time in my life, I felt like I was able to appreciate makeup the way countless makeup artists, bloggers, and vloggers have done before me. And it was THAT appreciation that breathed new life into BBA.

I want Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics to be more informal, casual, and relaxed – I want you, my Beautiful Blossoms, to laugh, cry, cringe, or even do all three as I venture back into the world of cosmetics with the lessons that I learned while I was away and during my return trip home.

And I’m glad to be back.

What You Won’t Find Here

Tutorials or fashion vids. YouTube and the Internet are oversaturated with makeup tutorials to get a certain look (personally, I’m more of the work-with-your-features type) and I personally hate doing swatches on my makeup sets just to show how it looks like on my skin tone – it ain’t universal.

Fashion is also not my strong point – I dress for myself, not for trends.

Product reviews are biased, no matter which way you cut it – what may work for me may not work for you, no matter how good I find the product to be or how much I love the color.

If you’re on Instagram, you can find me @blossombeautifulaesthetics

Stay blooming. 🙂

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