BBA Disclaimer Policy

Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics will NEVER accept PR, sponsorship, and/or payment (of any form or type) from beauty and/or skincare brands.

I have no explicit intent or wish to ever receive PR, sponsorship, or payment of any form or type. Any person/organization that claims to do so on my behalf (Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics, BBA, B🌺, or Blossy / Blossom) should be reported to law enforcement for fraud.

Makeup and skincare products featured/shown/demonstrated on Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics in all listed social media platforms (, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram) are NOT sponsored by their respective companies. NONE of them have sent me any makeup or skincare products for testing or reviews. Every single item that I have featured have been paid for by me, Blossy/Blossom.

updated September 04, 2018. 12:26 am, EST.