BBA Disclaimer

Makeup and skincare products featured/shown/demonstrated on Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics in all listed social media platforms (, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram) are NOT sponsored by their respective companies. NONE of them have sent me any makeup or skincare products for testing or reviews.

Every single item that I have featured have been paid for by me, Blossy. In no way shape or form have I been compensated by any of the skincare and makeup companies that I post about (otherwise, I’d go on an endless shopping spree for makeup). In fact, my debt wouldn’t have me going Sir Lemongrab-esque  if I did get the makeup I showcase for free.

In the event that I do (that’ll be the day!) receive makeup or skincare products from the big-wig cosmetic companies, I’ll let you know right off the bat. Aw hell, I’ll even post those discount codes, affiliate links or whatever it is, right at the beginning to get it out of the way.

Short version: if I go on and on and on about a product, it’s because I super-duper love it. Or really hate it.

Stay Blooming, Beautiful Blossoms!