List of BBA Blog Series

  • What Went Wrong?

    BBA tries out hyped-up or cult-favorite products. The results turned out to be otherwise.

  • BBA Musings 

    This is more of a general series where I blog my personal views on topics or issues in the beauty community.

  • BBA Reviews, Currently Obsessed, Frank on Depression, BBA Wants, and Makeup I Thought I’d Love Forever

    These are self-explanatory.

  • Beauty Advice for Thought 

    A bit like BBA Musings, but this one focuses more on some of the makeup and/or beauty advice that gets recommended in the community.

  • My Neglected Makeup 

    Think of it as the “boneyard” equivalent of makeup. These are products that I bought and like (to a tad degree) but somehow don’t use as much .

  • The Raised Eyebrow

    Sometimes, BBA comes across some stuff in-person or on the Internet involving makeup that sends an eyebrow shooting for the skies like Dr. Evil.