List of BBA Blog Series

  • The Sponsor Venture (s)

A series featuring sponsored posts from brands that Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics / BBA has partnered with, obtaining free samples in exchange for review and promotion. Disclaimers are always listed at the top of each post to remind readers and site visitors that the post is sponsored to comply with FTC regulations regarding sponsorships.

  • What Went Wrong?

    BBA tries out hyped-up or cult-favorite products. The results turned out to be otherwise.

  • BBA Musings 

    This is more of a general series where I blog my personal views on topics or issues in the beauty community.

  • BBA Reviews, Currently Obsessed, Frank on Depression, BBA Wants, and Makeup I Thought I’d Love Forever

    These are self-explanatory.

  • Beauty Advice for Thought 

    A bit like BBA Musings, but this one focuses more on some of the makeup and/or beauty advice that gets recommended in the community.

  • My Neglected Makeup 

    Think of it as the “boneyard” equivalent of makeup. These are products that I bought and like (to a tad degree) but somehow don’t use as much .

  • The Raised Eyebrow

    Sometimes, BBA comes across some stuff in-person or on the Internet involving makeup that sends an eyebrow shooting for the skies like Dr. Evil.