TRE: Beauty Sample Subscriptions (Part 2)

Happy Sunday, lovely peeps! Have you checked out the newest addition to this site, Deal Steal Sundays? No? Curious? I wrote a quick section at 3 in the morning explaining the story behind it, so be sure to check it out on the Home Page!

It’s been some time since I last wrote an entry in The Raised Eyebrow (TRE) and I try to avoid splitting entries into parts unless it becomes a case of tl;dr (too long ; didn’t read). Seeing paragraphs and paragraphs of text can be taxing on the eyes, so I try to make it reader-friendly as much as possible. My dislike about splitting topics into parts, however, is the fact that it’s so easy to start Part 1 and then never finish from there out of procrastination or I completely forget about it.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that every Entry Day (I’m trying to write on Sundays-Wednesdays-Fridays), there’s a different topic that I’m touching on – I figured it’d be a good way to keep things interesting without inducing a boredom routine of sorts. And so far, it seems to be doing okay. It’s also a challenge for me as a blogger because now I have to be on my toes about what I write.

So without further ado, here’s Part 2 on TRE: Beauty Sample Subscriptions!

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The Raised Eyebrow – Beauty Sample Subscriptions (Part 1)

Hi everyone! Glad to be finally back here after a pretty rough week! And yes, I suffered a case of vertigo while networking, which is why this blog went silent for two straight days. Wednesday was a whole day of networking for my blog and online store and when Thursday morning came, I got up and all of a sudden the whole world was spinning sideways – I couldn’t even stand on my own two feet. And this went on until Saturday night.

When vertigo hits me, it hits HARD, but I managed to recover well enough to write at least one entry since I went off the radar on Wednesday. And today, I’d like to discuss the beauty sample subscription service – basically, for a monthly or yearly fee, you get a box or bag of beauty samples – two prominent names in this sector are Ipsy and Birchbox. Glossybox and Boxycharm are also pretty popular.

Until now, I didn’t even know such a service actually existed until I saw an advertisement for Ipsy on Yahoo!’s homepage. So I decided to check and see what it’s about.

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