The Raised Eyebrow: Brushes Brushes Everywhere!

Hi folks! Today, I’m going to take a break from my Motives Reviews Series to give the blog a fresh spin. I don’t want to get too focused on just reviewing products here because Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics is more than just a review blog: it’s a place to have fun and celebrate everyone’s natural beauty inside and out – regardless of what society has declared to be “aesthetically  beautiful” and what Photoshop comes up with.

So what’s with the entry title? The Raised Eyebrow is a series of blog entries about cosmetics that has me well… raising an eyebrow. Be it a trend or item, something about it just has me doing this:

evil media

Feeling adventurous today, I decided to explore the Internet for make-up brushes. Opinions will always vary on which make-up brush or brush set is the best, so I rely on the reviews with a little bit of salt. And what better place to start my search for make-up brushes than Amazon? Customer reviews are fairly thorough with product purchases, which is a big plus when shopping online.

For the heck of it, I typed “makeup brushes” to see what Amazon will deliver for me. Oh, they delivered alright – they just didn’t warn me that I’d end up with a raised eyebrow in the process.

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Welcome to Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics!

Hello! Welcome to Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics! You’ll find me modeling Motives and Motives for La La cosmetics to give you an idea of how they look on the skin and beauty and entrepreneurial advice with a dash of tell-it-like-it-is. If there is a Motives and / or Motives for La La product that either causes my skin to react or does not look flattering, I will not suggest it to you or push you to buy it!

I’m simply here to sell you Motives and Motives for La La if you:

1. Love the colors.

2. Love the price.

I’m based in NYC, so if you are interested in seeing the products in person or trying them out during a beauty show, send me an email or Tweet to me! I’ll be sure to include my e-mail address on my main page!

I hope to update the blog every Friday after Shark Tank and Sunday so I can get you ready for the weekend and the work week! See you in the next entry!