BBA Spotlight: BH Cosmetics Quick Change – Brush Cleaner

a.k.a. why you shouldn’t even spend $20 on the original Vera Mona or try to be cheap with a DIY version with an H&M Hair Donut and a tin can.

Today’s blog post sheds light on what has essentially become a very handy staple in my personal eyeshadow application: the BH Cosmetics Quick Change – Brush Cleaner. It’s self-explanatory: you can swipe your brush against the sponge inside to clean your eyeshadow brush when going from one color to another. No rinsing with soap and water or liquid cleanser required.

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My Neglected Makeup: Urban Decay Naked

At work, I found myself thinking about writing a blog post today. After writing about my barely used Tarte blush, I found myself thinking about the other makeup products that get neglected because I don’t reach for them enough for some odd reason. Let’s just say there’s a lot. In terms of palettes alone, I have at lest 10 – even more altogether because some are  LE repeats. The paranoia of discontinuation is too damn real with me.

I have all 3 Naked palettes (I love 3 the most because I’m a sucker for rosey colors) and I bought the first 2  out of sheer boredom and being annoyed at my dad for making me drive him to a freakin’ golf course on our way to Maryland because 1 was the palette that really made Urban Decay a household name and 2 was also a huge hit. What kept me initially from buying them when I had the opportunity to do so?

I wasn’t drawn to the colors. I felt like 1 would blend with my skin tone since the colors were warm and 2 didn’t really interest me.

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