BBA Spotlight: BH Cosmetics Quick Change – Brush Cleaner

a.k.a. why you shouldn’t even spend $20 on the original Vera Mona or try to be cheap with a DIY version with an H&M Hair Donut and a tin can.

Today’s blog post sheds light on what has essentially become a very handy staple in my personal eyeshadow application: the BH Cosmetics Quick Change – Brush Cleaner. It’s self-explanatory: you can swipe your brush against the sponge inside to clean your eyeshadow brush when going from one color to another. No rinsing with soap and water or liquid cleanser required.

The sponge has a velcro-like texture (no, it won’t damage your brush, I promise) that clings to the eyeshadow in the brush and holds on to it as you swipe the brush. This was something that was originally perfected by Vera Mona and honestly, I was just about ready to fork over the suggested retail price of $20. I did consider the possibility of making my own with the infamous hair donut sponge that are commonly available in the bargain bins of H&M, but I’ve read some reviews that people damaged their makeup brushes in trying to give the middle finger to the Vera Mona Color Changer.

Until BH Cosmetics released their own version for a fraction of the price. Generally, it costs $7.99 but as of this writing, it has a sale price of $5.99. Lately BH has been doing a lot of sales, so this would make a really good stocking stuffer (I know it’s early to shop for Christmas but the earlier you get this shit done, the less stress you’ll deal with when the holidah shopping frenzy descends) or a staple in someone’s makeup kit.

In fact, I love it so much that I own 5 – there’s always one available for me to use when one gets dirty and I either get lazy to wash it or I’m in a rush. The sponge is fairly easy to clean – wet it, add soap of choice, lather, and rinse. Air dry is best to avoid any possible heat damage to the sponge – it will also allow it to retain its shape.

Admittedly, the size might be the only disadvantage it has – it’s good for eye brushes, but as far as big, fluffy face brushes go, I don’t think you’ll be able to clean with the sponge, let alone fit it into the tin. Also, I do not recommen using any brush loaded with liquid makeup products on it – the sponge is designed to handle powder makeup, not liquid.

BH Cosmetics Quick Change – Brush Cleaner is only available at I haven’t seen retailers like Ulta, Urban Outfitters, and Ricky’s NYC carry this product -store.

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