BBA Musings # 1: Dermaplaning / Shaving

My brows have a blunt way of reminding me of my self-neglect by simply growing. It didn't matter what direction they pointed to - just that they grew. And grew. To the point where I didn't recognize myself when I stared at the mirror, when I could afford more than a quick glance at my …

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BAFT: The Kylie Jenner Challenge – More than Just Sore Lips

Ah, yes. A day late due to life's surprises, but the least I can do is give you folks something instead of just leaving you hanging until Deal Steal Sundays. And yes, I'm going to address the infamous #KylieJennerChallenge. I'm sure the topic itself has been beaten today by the numerous criticisms over people (mainly …

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The Raised Eyebrow – Beauty Sample Subscriptions (Part 1)

Nowadays, there is a general consensus that we simply "don't have time" to do things: we don't have time for or do XYZ so we look for something that offers convenience for us. Yet somehow, it's normal to say that we're willing to binge-watch our favorite TV show on Netflix or Hulu or Instagram what we're doing.