The Sponsor Venture(s) – cicbeauty # 3

AKA The Longest Entry in this set. Bear with me, as I have a lot of ground to cover before the finale.

Disclaimer: The Sponsor Venture(s) is an original concept by Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics to separate blog posts featuring sponsored products (obtained as free samples from brands through Dealspotr) from non-sponsored blog posts. Affiliate links will be designated and clicking them allows the site owner / editor, Blossy, to earn a small commission from sales of the product(s) featured in the series.

So did you try the product?

Yup! This is the entry where I did promise I was going to write about my user experience with cicbeauty’s neo powder™ shampoo. I can only hope to get a chuckle out of you, my reader(s), at the end of this post.

When I finally got around to trying the product, it was on Tuesday – the weather was uncomfortably hot, I was stressing out from work-related problem solving, and my scalp decided to give me the middle finger and go into overdrive with being oily. My hair and scalp needed TLC badly.

My hair stylist Deirde schooled me about my scalp (I think I mentioned it before. If I’m repeating it like a broken record, I’m sorry – the new UI for WordPress doesn’t really let me check out previous entries to see what I wrote before :/ ) – one side of it is actually oilier than the other and the hot weather has only made it more angrier to the point where I can see some stuff in the strands that would make me die of embarrassment.

By the time I was able to catch my breath, I was ready to jump in the shower and give my hair a good wash with the neo powder™ shampoo. I was curious to see how well it would fare against my current Redken Color Extend Shampoo (strictly used to maintain my highlights and because this was the brand Deirdre used to wash my hair with, but to be honest – it makes my hair difficult to brush through after a shower). After all, what difference does it make if a shampoo has water in its ingredient(s)?

My hair is between wavy and curly – wavy when wet and curly when dry. It was also damaged by a misuse of a chemical hair relaxant when I was in my early teens and to this day, I still lose strands of my hair as a result and my hair has not recovered from the mishap – according to my family, I got my dad’s curly hair genes (compared to their straight-as-an-arrow hair), but after that, I have no clue what my hair type is anymore, other than it’s moody af. 

So Far So Good

The neo powder™ shampoo kept emphasizing that the product must remain moisture-free or the product will cake the nozzle and then it’ll be hard to get the powder out of the canister. Which reminds me: the bottle is made out of metal (I believe it’s aluminum), so this isn’t something you want to keep stashed in the bathroom unless you regularly run the dehumidifer in there to wick away any leftover moisture after you shower or bathe.  

I popped off the plastic cap and I found myself looking at a  nozzle akin to a baby powder bottle. It does have an emblazoned instruction on how to get it to open like so:

The Opened Bottle
I wish I took a picture before I went pokey with a toothpick XD

It was a tad difficult to twist the nozzle open (another reason why I need to go ham when the gyms can safely reopen – I feel like I lost all the strength I built from hitting the gym ; – ;), but once I got it open, I only saw one of the nozzles appear to be open. The other nozzles looked blocked. Was that how the product was originally designed?

You see, when I was reading over the product description, one of the claims made by cicbeauty about the product was that I didn’t need a lot of the product. Maybe the nozzle was only supposed to have one hole? And thus, I got onboard the Struggle Bus to get some product from the bottle into that one open hole. After countless shaking, I finally got enough powder on my hand that I felt was enough to use to cover my hair and scalp.

I did let water run through my hair to make it easier for the powder to apply, and that’s when I ran into the first product use issue – the powder quickly melted once it came into contact with the water before I could smack the paste on my hair / scalp, so it was back to the shakes until I got enough product again and laid it on my head. This went on for a bit because I was so used to getting suds from shampooing that I was trying to achieve the same effect with the neo powder™ shampoo lol.

So after getting a good amount of the product and some scrubs in, the first test was to see how the shampoo fared – by brushing my hair with a detangling comb. Every time I washed my hair with my Redken, it was always a struggle to comb through my hair and you’d think that the detangling comb would do exactly as it says. Well, it kinda does, after it takes chunks of my hair in the process. 

However, as soon as I did a couple of first strokes on my hair post-neo powder™ shampoo, the comb glided through with barely a struggle. I was so surprised at how well the bristles got through strands, though there was still some yanked off. But after a few more brushes, my hair was straight and smooth to the point where I can glide my fingers through without anticipating a struggle. And this was before I even applied my leave-in conditioner.

Before I had my highlights done, brushing my hair was a struggle no matter what shampoo / conditioner set I used and I just resigned myself to expecting strands of hair in the trash after combing. The neo powder™ shampoo did something that no shampoo / conditioner combo could do to my hair.

I proceeded to apply the Shea Moisture Leave-In conditioner (this was bought pre-controversy) and it was just smooth sailing from there. As far as expectations go, I didn’t really have a lot for the neo powder™ shampoo after being burned by multiple claims of hair improvement over the years from different shampoo brands, but it’s safe to say that it has definitely left a memorable impression with me. Also, my highlights did not wash out so from the get-go, the neo powder™ shampoo appears to be color-safe.

Out of curiosity, I wondered if it was possible to poke holes through the bottle nozzle – surely, the company did not really expect people to get a lot of use out of a one-hole nozzle, unless they really intended for people to treat their neo powder™ shampoo like a salt or pepper shaker?

So I went and grabbed a toothpick and poked through a “covered” hole, only to discover that the pointy end went through and that I was supposed to poke through the other “covered” holes so that I could get more product with less shaking.

Rest assured, when I went and got the second test run done, I made sure that the nozzle was cleared out from caked powder and didn’t shake the bottle like a madman. I still had the struggle of trying not to get so much product for suds, but the comb-glide-through was not a one time thing: it happened again and my hair isn’t falling out as much as it used to.

Did I mention that there is an after-scent that actually smelled faintly nice? 😀 It was so nice, I almost didn’t wanna apply my conditioner, but as with any shampoo, it needs a follow up with conditioner and the neo powder™ shampoo is no exception. Unless you enjoy having an angry scalp.

I can actually look forward to washing my hair with a pep in the step.

Up Next: my overall thoughts on the neo powder™ shampoo – the good, the bad, and whether it’s recommendable to consider or not.

I’ll see you, my Loyal Petal(s), in the finale of this set!

– Blossy

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