The Sponsor Venture(s) – cicbeauty # 2

Disclaimer: The Sponsored Venture(s) feature free product(s) that have been provided by brands for review and promotion. Affiliate links will be designated and, if clicked, allows the site owner, Blossy/Blossom, to earn a small commission on the featured product purchased through the link.

Also, teeny edit: I can’t even remember the name of my own series title and added a bar to separate the Disclaimer section XD

Showcasing the neo powder™ shampoo


I took this with a macro lens, so it looks… big. Lol. Did I mention the box took up most of the lightbox I used?

As soon as I was confirmed to be a recipient for the neo powder™ shampoo, I actually wondered how long the package would take to get to me and how big the product is (I mean, they did kinda disclose the size of the product – 1.4 oz or 40g, but you’ll quickly realize how many things fly over my head through the course of this). Turns out that the package would be delivered by USPS (no complaints – the USPS is going through the ringer and honestly, out of all the package carriers we have in the US of A, USPS is still the most favorable out of all of them).

So imagine my surprise when me Pops tells me that there’s a package outside the door, but it was actually addressed to BBA – not my own name. He got confused – I never did told him about BBA and I quickly told him that the package was mine so that I wouldn’t get needled with 20 questions. The less Pops knew, the better. XD

So after going through the disinfection process (can’t be too cautious with COVID-19 pretty much wrecking everything in its path), I went ahead and opened the fairly large box to the following:

So far so good.

The box size did pique my interest: how big was the item I was reviewing to warrant such a fairly large box? (Remember when I told you that things fly over my head? XD) I kinda got reminded of the beauty subscription boxes that my brother would pony over by the slogan, so the next step was to pop the box open and voila:

They got me good with the stuffing and it actually took me a good couple of seconds that the rectangular box is the product itself.

The suggestion for promoting the brand was actually kinda nice – if anything, it was a gentle reminder (to me!) that I have to uphold my end of the bargain to promote the brand and the product on social media. And at last, my inner photographer finally popped out and I just had to take the next picture:

I had to indulge my inner shutterbug.

So once I got past the frills, it was time to get to business. And there were a couple of things that were also in the box that I had to photograph separately and you’re about to see why:

I actually got excited by that seal – I thought it was so neat! Until I tried to break it open like they did in “The Man in the Iron Mask.” T _ T

That letter was actually pretty long and had to be bent a bit to fit into the box. And I only took a picture of the back with the seal for privacy purposes (plus, the seal looks cool!). At least, until it was time to break it – it was rubbery in consistency and I actually had to tear the envelope open because it clung to the paper a little too much. Inside the envelope were the following:

I do appreciate the fact that the company included a leaflet for the neo powder™ shampoo so it was easy to have an idea of what to expect in terms of results, but I also liked the fact that the general company letter is made out of biodegradable material – yay going green!

Reading the leaflet is what prompted me to put the warning sign in Post # 1 about allergies – I know people with eczema cannot use products with fragrance (guaranteed to make the skin even more angry) – and some people are allergic to coconut, so I cannot recommend this shampoo if you know you have skin allergies or are prone to allergic reactions :(. The safety of my readers is highly important, sponsorship(s) be damned!

But if you are fortunate enough to win the genetic lottery that you can just run through with any shampoo that you grab off the shelf, then the neo powder™ shampoo might be something worth considering because in the next post, I actually used the product after a long day at work and a muggy temperature. My scalp was pretty much in need of TLC and I figured, what better time to put the neo powder™ shampoo to the test?

See you in the next post, Loyal Petal(s!)


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