It’s THAT Time of the Year

Where Tarte and Too Faced try to outbid each other as to who can pop out the most makeup product(s) for the holiday gift giving craze (with Urban Decay coming in fast from left field), there's a big push to post the best holiday look (and inadvertently creating a sense of anxiety to meet or …

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Still Here!

Just dropping a quick entry to say hello, and if you're affected by the heatwave, that you're okay. It's really hot. I've also been on whirlwind adventures, with one involving a glam-up that miraculously withstood the humidity of the Philippines.

A Quick Life Update

Hi Beautiful Blossoms! I have a bit of downtime with my extra work shift so I figured I'd check in to see what was the last thing I wrote here. And it was a pretty dark entry, especially with what happened when it was written. Today's post has a bit more cheer: I managed to pass …

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Life Update Part 1

Holy shit, a new post from BBA! Yes, it's been a good while since I last posted - I've been busy with short staff at work, moving issues, career change, running a giveaway for the first time, and minor body issues. I'm gonna split the updates into parts so you don't get blinded with lengthy …

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