A Quick Life Update

Hi Beautiful Blossoms! I have a bit of downtime with my extra work shift so I figured I’d check in to see what was the last thing I wrote here. And it was a pretty dark entry, especially with what happened when it was written.

Today’s post has a bit more cheer: I managed to pass my ExCPT exam, which means I can officially say that I am a CERTIFIED PHARMACY TECHNICIAN. I miraculously survived the exam (I can’t begin to describe how severely uninformed I was as to what was going to be on the exam) and I applied for a Pharmacy Technician position in Walgreens. Now, from my previous experience with CVS, I was expecting to not hear from them for some time after I sent my initial application.

Next thing I know, I get a call from one that I applied to and they want me to come in for an interview this Wednesday. I’m still in a somewhat state of disbelief that the response time was so quick. But here’s to seeing what will happen.

As far as makeup updates go, I’m going to write an entry regarding 2 lip products that have become my go-to these past few days: e.l.f’s Beautifully Bare Lipstick in A Touch of Blush and Laura Mercier DS in Devotion. One was a complete chance while the other got eyed strictly by color and turned out to be a damn good bet. Pics will be hosted on the Insta account for space and bandwidth purposes.

I’m looking forward to blogging post work tonight!

No TRE This Week!

Happy Sunday, Beautiful Blossoms! Unfortunately there is no The Raised Eyebrow entry for today because I haven’t come across anything in the beauty scene that has me raising an eyebrow. I’m also trying to draft a schedule I can stick to (I really want to try and blog everyday) that doesn’t have me just posting review after review after review (I think the YouTube channel would be better suited for that). But to do that on the daily is… admittedly draining, which is why I never really got to posting everyday.

Especially when you come home from enthusiasm-draining work. But I will try somehow – I still got the end of August to set up a trial run for the future. And I also gotta try and save me damn license to boot.

No TRE This Week!

Yep. I know I always say that I’ll see you Beautiful Blossoms the following week at the end of each TRE, but there’s nothing that took place this week that made me raise an eyebrow. If anything, I’ve found myself reflecting over my makeup collection and the fact that I’m trying to pan the shit out of my AudaCITY in Paris and neglecting my other eyeshadow palettes as a result (because I have to play it safe with my work appearance).

I need to play more with my palettes. They deserve better than collecting dust.

I do commend the lovely Beauties who can sit in front of a mirror, do their makeup, take a picture, and post about it. Even if they don’t go outside. I don’t know how the hell you lovely peeps do it.

Maybe I should do the same?


My face when I realized I was supposed to post a Currently Obsessed entry on a late Saturday night:

I even have my phone set to remind me on my Calendar. So I check WHY it didn’t go off:

There was NO ALARM SET. My phone doesn’t remind me that it’s Friday and that I have an entry due to be written for the day.


No worries, though: I’ll do a Double Post Sunday and do an entry for The Raised Eyebrow AND Currently Obsessed. And the beauty scene has been abuzz with Rihanna making moves to create her own makeup line to Coachella taking place this weekend.

Which one is bound to raise an eyebrow or two, I wonder?

Announcement: New YouTube Video!

Tonight, I’ll be recording a new video for the BBA channel to change things up a bit. Make sure you click the YouTube Icon on the site’s main page either at midnight tonight or tomorrow morning!

I’m forced to wait until close to midnight to record since that’s when the whole house is quiet enough for me to record and not get disrupted.

Hope to see you there, Beautiful Blossoms!

BAFT / Announcement: Look Like Me!

Welcome back, Beautiful Blossoms, to another week of BAFT! If you’re new here, glad to have you visiting the site! This week is both a BAFT and an Announcement (at the end of the entry): I was struggling to figure out what to discuss this week because nothing thought-provoking really happened. And I didn’t want to be a broken record and repeat topics that have already been discussed in previous entries.

So what’s a girl to do?

Lo and behold, my prayers were answered: a comment by WordPress blogger PhillyFashionGirl gave me this week’s topic. Thanks hon!

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