No TRE This Week!

Yep. I know I always say that I’ll see you Beautiful Blossoms the following week at the end of each TRE, but there’s nothing that took place this week that made me raise an eyebrow. If anything, I’ve found myself reflecting over my makeup collection and the fact that I’m trying to pan the shit out of my AudaCITY in Paris and neglecting my other eyeshadow palettes as a result (because I have to play it safe with my work appearance).

I need to play more with my palettes. They deserve better than collecting dust.

I do commend the lovely Beauties who can sit in front of a mirror, do their makeup, take a picture, and post about it. Even if they don’t go outside. I don’t know how the hell you lovely peeps do it.

Maybe I should do the same?

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