Life Update # 4

Hi Beautiful Blossoms!

The title is a bit of a hint as to why I haven’t been active in the blogosphere: adjustment really is quite a process, one that I had hoped to easily glide through like I have done before.

I managed to move back to my official Home Borough – I had imagined that this would only happen at least after a year had passed, but mercifully I was spared from waiting and slowly rotting away at my old-new old again job by a chance encounter involving a recruiting company.

Said company secured me a better job (arguably less stressful, but it is a bit frustrating that I am not as well informed as I would personally like to be. But no matter, I’ve only been on for close to a month now), but along with that came a return to college to try and improve my supposed welfare (I’m still bitter about the way my first college run ended). Since my job has me on day shift, I had to make sure my class was after my shift ended.

It seems easy enough at a glance – did I mention that I have to dive into Manhattan to go to school? And no, commuting is out of the question since my work is hardly accessible by bus or subway.

People who worked during the day and attended night school have always had my respect, though now at a much deeper level than before.

Admittedly, I had hoped that with the new job and the push from college, I could turn to makeup as my go-to hobby again. But with all the unnecessary drama that’s taken place and the reality of the beauty community’s underbelly finally exposed, I wonder if I even want to be associated with the industry.

tl;dr I started a new job but the commute is long and I also have night school during the week, so my commute is even longer. And I’m losing interest in makeup because of what’s happening in the community.


Today’s mood is me being irrationally jelly. Of people in the mall who walk around with Sephora bags.

No doubt they are happy with scoring something from the store. Or maybe they finally got the chance to get a gift for someone else. There will always be that air of mystery surrounding those black-and-white striped bags that strangers around me tote around.

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BAFT: The Kylie Jenner Challenge – Culture Appropriation

I’m kinda glad I missed updating on Wednesday (my body is not adjusting to my new schedule as well as I hoped) because of the newly confirmed suspicion: Kylie Jenner used lip fillers (temporary).

So ladies, you can stop sucking on that shot glass or bottle or can of Coke or whatever it is that you’re using to do the #KylieJennerChallenge. But I also needed time to figure out how to address a rather sensitive issue that was brought up as criticism on the fad and it involved race.

Now, this is probably the closest thing I’ll ever get to discussing race and given the recent events about race issues, I’ll try not to get too deep into it because I know how ugly it could easily get and I don’t want this site to be a political platform discussion because politics has no place here.

That being said, I want to finish my thoughts on the #KylieJennerChallenge because it’s run its course. The big reveal is finally done (though I doubt it’ll stop people from continuing to suck on some object to create a vacuum effect) and there’s not much else to say about it, really.

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