Today’s mood is me being irrationally jelly. Of people in the mall who walk around with Sephora bags.

No doubt they are happy with scoring something from the store. Or maybe they finally got the chance to get a gift for someone else. There will always be that air of mystery surrounding those black-and-white striped bags that strangers around me tote around.

I miss the feeling of excitement when you get something new from Sephora or Ulta. Lately, I don’t feel any excitement from the new releases in makeup – I’ve pretty much purchased all the makeup that’s piqued my interest, and as a beauty blogger (of sorts), one would think I’d be hyped to infinity and beyond with the latest and the greatest makeup drops.

Nope. I’m exhausted and disinterested with what makeup brands have released or offer lately. At the end of the day, no matter the brand, they all have the same purpose – whether it’s a foundation that makes your face and neck cohesive skin tone wise, a concealer to hide away that in-your-face pimple or scar, eyeshadows to give your lids some color, or lipstick or gloss to give that finishing touch.

I’m beginning to get weary of brands releasing variations of staple products with claims that are more hype than anything. Perhaps Hell will freeze first before another beauty product excites me.

For now, it’s off to Makeup Rehab / Appreciate-Your-Stash.

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