BBA Musings # 1: Dermaplaning / Shaving

My brows have a blunt way of reminding me of my self-neglect by simply growing. It didn't matter what direction they pointed to - just that they grew. And grew. To the point where I didn't recognize myself when I stared at the mirror, when I could afford more than a quick glance at my …

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TRE: Biting the Hand that Fed

Happy Sunday, Beautiful Blossoms! And yes, today is Valentine's Day. But in my case, it's Single Awareness Day. If you're in a relationship, happy for you. If not, well misery loves company as they say. With that aside, this week's TRE topic is provided by Mashable's interview with Michelle Phan. Yes, THE Michelle Phan. The …

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BAFT: The YouTube Makeup Bubble (Part 1)

*Please check the What's New at BBA page to find out the schedule for the entries at BBA. Hello, Beautiful Blossoms! I know I gave a back-to-back entry last week with Currently Obsessed and then got really quiet until today, and I do apologize for the sudden silence. I was able to squeeze an entry …

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BAFT: The Kylie Jenner Challenge – Culture Appropriation

I'm kinda glad I missed updating on Wednesday (my body is not adjusting to my new schedule as well as I hoped) because of the newly confirmed suspicion: Kylie Jenner used lip fillers (temporary). So ladies, you can stop sucking on that shot glass or bottle or can of Coke or whatever it is that …

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The Raised Eyebrow: K-Beauty? Dewy Look?

Now, I'm starting to learn that American women are pursuing the Asian-model-on-a-beauty-ad-poster standard by buying Korean products. I'm guessing it's because they're starting to believe that if they buy the same products that Korean women have access to, they'll achieve the same flawless, East Asian stereotype look.