TRE: Used Makeup For Sale

Happy Sunday, my Beautiful Blossoms! I hope the week was kinder to you than me, and if not, well, at least you’re not alone in that department.

I wish I was joking about this week’s title. Or had a pun for it. But it jut has me doing this:

I can understand that beauty addicts will go to great lengths to get the makeup they want at the cheapest price possible, but buying used makeup?

It reminds me of the fact that used panties are available for sale in Japan.


Japan needs to get its sexuality attitude straightened out too. But that’s beside the point. Why in the bloody universe would you buy a product used by someone else AND contains their human germs? And no, no amount of sanitation will convince me that someone’s used makeup is safe to use. Did these people miss out on the memo that we have pretty much created a strain of super bacteria, resistant to the traditional antibiotics that would have done them the way a Raid can would have done to a roach?

Glambot, an online makeup store, made headlines by declaring that it will offer “high-end, used” makeup at 80% less than retail price. This is the same logic that made me love Kiko over Sephora: I once spent at least $150 in Sephora and all I got were 5 items. I did the same in Kiko and I got at least twice the number of products.

What Glambot doesn’t tell you is that in addition to that 80% discount, you’ll also be getting someone’s integumentary (skin) bacterial flora. Even if the company claims that used makeup products must be sanitized for acceptance, there is no guarantee that it will be germ-free. You’d have to autoclave (a pressure chamber used in the medical industry to sterilize surgical tools) the shit out of them things to really consider them “sanitized.”

But makeup ain’t created to withstand high-pressure cleaning.

Yes, there is such a thing as reddit’s Makeup Exchange – at nearly dirt cheap prices compared to Glambot’s. I was searching for subreddits about makeup and it was one of the results. I’m a little more lenient to r/makeupexchange because the driving point isn’t profit, but for beauty aficionados to help each other. More often than not, the people who post in the subreddit just want to give their makeup away, rather than try to get most of what they paid for the item.

I don’t see Glambot and its practice going away anytime soon – in fact, I’m scared that there will be more to follow, as long as there is a proven market for it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a sudden increase in visits to the ophthalmologist, but good luck to the lovely ladies and men who are brave enough to venture into this particular market.

Stay Blooming, Beautiful Blossoms!

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