The Raised Eyebrow: Too Faced

Before I get pelted with rotten vegetables, hear me out first, please?

I’m aware of Too Faced’s cult favorite status, thanks in part to their Chocolate-themed palettes Chocolate Bar, Bon-Bons, Semi-Sweet, and their Melted Chocolate liquid lipstick. But lately, the company has been causing quite the toothache with their recent palette, Sweet Peach, and their upcoming Totally Cute palette that has stickers as its LE selling point.

Stickers? When the fuck did we go back to grade school with stickers as a selling point for a dupable palette?????

But let me go back to the starting point of Too Faced’s ugly side showing up: the Sweet Peach palette. The company promoted the shit outta this palette by sending 2 to YT beauty vloggers to hype it up. When the general public was finally allowed to buy the palette, there were countless complaints of the palette being out of stock. One store (not sure if it was an Ulta or Sephora) was told to sell the palettes one day before it was supposed to be released.
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The Raised Eyebrow: Kylie Cosmetics

Let me start this week’s TRE by saying that I’m not one to rain on someone’s parade. I’m not gonna make myself any more successful by being a Debbie Downer on someone else’s success, so why bother?

But sometimes, there are achievements that have me scratching my head in wonder. How the hell does THAT become successful? And by THAT, I’m talking about Kylie Jenner’s Cosmetic Line Lip Kit. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that her original lip kits sold out – now that she’s released more colors, they sold out as well.

What. The. Freakin. Fuck.

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