The Raised Eyebrow: Too Faced

Before I get pelted with rotten vegetables, hear me out first, please?

I’m aware of Too Faced’s cult favorite status, thanks in part to their Chocolate-themed palettes Chocolate Bar, Bon-Bons, Semi-Sweet, and their Melted Chocolate liquid lipstick. But lately, the company has been causing quite the toothache with their recent palette, Sweet Peach, and their upcoming Totally Cute palette that has stickers as its LE selling point.

Stickers? When the fuck did we go back to grade school with stickers as a selling point for a dupable palette?????

But let me go back to the starting point of Too Faced’s ugly side showing up: the Sweet Peach palette. The company promoted the shit outta this palette by sending 2 to YT beauty vloggers to hype it up. When the general public was finally allowed to buy the palette, there were countless complaints of the palette being out of stock. One store (not sure if it was an Ulta or Sephora) was told to sell the palettes one day before it was supposed to be released.

Cue the angry makeup addicts and fans of YT beauty vloggers who couldn’t get their hands on the Sweet Peach Palette. Which, according to some reviews, consists of mainly neutral shades with one or two (as per Temptalia’s review) resembling peach colors. And to add salt to the wound, Too Faced claimed that they didn’t expect the product to be in high demand

You know, Too Faced, you could have just outright stated that you were following the marketing tactic that Kylie Jenner did with her first generation liquid lipsticks. But no, you had to be coy and peg people as suckers by claiming that you didn’t expect your palette to sell out, when you blatantly marketed the damn thing before it was released for the public to buy. All that motherfucking advertising money you spent could have gone to manufacturing more of the palettes, don’t you think?

And it doesn’t stop there: Too Faced is releasing Too Cute, an LE palette with stickers. Here is the palette in question. The first thing that I immediately thought of was that Makeup Geek sells individual pans of each color in that palette for less than what the whole palette would probably cost. Because I popped in on Makeup Geek’s website to see the eyeshadow shades that Marlena is selling (but because I can’t swatch them, I’m hesitant to buy them, even if the price is cheap).

I shit you not – the shades are ridiculously dupable color wise. I’ve only swatched Too Faced’s eyeshadows once in a swanky Sephora store and I wasn’t too impressed with the pigmentation. And the appeal of this palette was to let buyers design the palette to their style.

How the fuck do I expect to do that with pre-set stickers that I didn’t even choose in the first place?

What irritates me more is the fact that a Redditor commented that the product may be geared towards little girls due to the colors and the stickers. If this is the case (and I’m seriously hoping that it isn’t), I’m going to take it as a sign of the Apocalypse.

Come on, Too Faced. Stop living up to your damn namesake and causing toothaches everywhere.

I’ve made it a point to at least buy one product from all the major players in the makeup scene, but now I’m going to officially cross Too Faced on my list. If the company is willing to screw over its current customer base, why would I join that and become another statistic?

And that’s it for this week’s The Raised Eyebrow! Tune in next Sunday to see what fuckery will have me (and possibly you) doing the Dr. Evil!

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