Currently Obsessed Round-Up

Hi, Beautiful Blossoms! Yes, I’m aware that I was supposed to make this entry yesterday, but unfortunately life needed my attention and it didn’t involve me sitting down on the computer and making this entry until today.

The last Friday of every month will be dedicated to reviewing all the products I’ve mentioned in the “Currently Obsessed” series so you know where to get them at the best price possible.

Let’s get started!

  1. Kiko Milano Collection – unfortunately, the following are no longer sold at Kiko Milano’s online store (shop inventory may vary, so you might wanna give the stores in Kings Plaza and Queens Center Mall a call):
    – Luscious Cream Lipsticks in 510 and 511

    – Intensely Lavish Lipsticks

    – Temptress Lip Set in Passionate Red (04) and Deep Wine (03)

    – Rebel Bouncy Brush and Cream Blushes in Adorable Pink (02) and Treasure Rose (03)

    – Moon Shadow Water-Infused Eyeshadow.

    Other products such as the Water Eyeshadow (eyeshadow with ripples), Nail Polish Remover, and Nail Polishes are permanent stays so they won’t be discontinued anytime soon. Aaaand I just realized I haven’t uploaded the Part 2 of my Kiko Collection. @ _ @ Expect that tomorrow with TRE.

  2. Tatcha – Tatcha has its own online store here. They are also available in-stores at Sephora and on its and QVC’s websites, but the Ritual Kit that retails for $59 (travel-sized versions of, arguably, their best products to start the brand with) is only available on Tatcha’s main website.
    It’s a good investment if you’re not into buying a single product from Tatcha (plus, you’ll have a better chance of finding out which is a yay or nay). Each purchase from Tatcha’s website grants you up to 3 free samples, which, to me, is a really good deal compared to Sephora’s sample system for online orders.
  3. Nars Velvelt Matte Lip Pencil – same case as Tatcha, minus the QVC. But I haven’t ordered any NARS products straight from its company online store, so I don’t know if they provide free samples with every order.

And that’s the end of “Currently Obsessed” for the month of February! I hope I was able to articulate why I love the products I listed and if not, feel free to give some CC (constructive criticism) to help me write these things better (you can tell I tend to get all over the place XD).

Stay Blooming!

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