Currently Obsessed: Kiko Collection Part 2

I did promise I was going to make 2 entries today and I intend to hold up to it. I hadn’t realized that I never posted these pictures of my Kiko Milano hoard stash until I was going over to see the products I had featured in February’s “Currently Obsessed.”

WARNING: This post is pic heavy, so it’s best to see it on a desktop computer or laptop than a phone or tablet.

My Kiko Nail Set. You can see the Nail Polish Remover I’m currently using.
The Milk Cleanser is AMAZING. It’s gentle and hydrating and it cost me only $3.90 when I bought it.
The Nail Polish Remover cost me $3.90 when it was on sale.
These were part of a Buy 3 Get 3 Free sale. Because Kiko is putting out products for the Spring Season. Got the three tubes on the top for free.
Rebel Bouncy Cream Blush in Adorable Pink and Star Dust Body Powder.
I got 2 of the Star Dust Body Powder because it was $10 and change. And it has a vanilla scent.

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