Makeup By Seasons

Or why Filipino Beauty Bloggers are rare.

Do you Beautiful Blossoms adjust your makeup to the change in season? This is a concept I’ve never  understood, as I view makeup as a form of self-expression regardless of the weather. Lately I’ve been seeing berry lip colors in accordance with Fall.

I kinda figured I’d see more of the orange spectrum. But having lived in a country where the only seasons were fry-and-bake-in-the-sun or get-soaked-to-the-bone rain for a good chunk of my life, I doubt I will ever understand the need to adjust one’s makeup to the season. And that’s okay.

As for the other half of the title, it’s true. There aren’t any mainstream Filipino beauty bloggers out there (at least, as mainstream as the ones on YouTube). PatrickStarrrrr can be counted, but his style is more suited for drag performance. What about the everyday girl or woman?

ItsJudysLife can be counted as well – she is Filipino too and she’s fairly mainstream. But holy cow, the criticisms on her…

That and in the Philippines, makeup is a luxury only celebrities and high-income people who live in the higher altitudes can afford. You go anywhere below Baguio or the mountain areas, your makeup won’t last past 12. It’s that hot there. It’d be kinda nice to have a rep in the beauty community though.

Don’t forget to check out the new menu: BBA Makeup Product Gallery! I can FINALLY post pictures of products I’ve purchased or have!

Kiko Single Eyeshadow and NYX Stick Highlighters

Today, I went to Kings Plaza because I couldn’t stand being cooped up. I was supposed to have done training for a job that I would have worked, but it fell apart and we no longer fit like a jigsaw puzzle. So what to do on an accidental day off?

I wanted to get a Kiko single eyeshadow after seeing a quick review on it by MyStyleInsideOut.I originally gave the Infinity CLICS eyeshadow line a pass because I found it to be too chalky for my preference. But my AudaCITY’s bulky packaging made me reconsider. I didn’t want to be forced to lug a big palette just to use the matte shadows in it with my Kiko Duo Baked eyeshadow. And no, I’m not depotting that shit because it cost me $69 and I’ll be damned if I have to throw out the AudaCITY packaging in favor of a Z-palette.

I just can’t bring myself to like Z-palettes. I really can’t. The practicality of having aaaaaaall my eyeshadows in one palette couldn’t do it. Partly because I like knowing where my eyeshadows came from.

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Currently Obsessed: Kiko Collection Part 2

I did promise I was going to make 2 entries today and I intend to hold up to it. I hadn’t realized that I never posted these pictures of my Kiko Milano hoard  stash until I was going over to see the products I had featured in February’s “Currently Obsessed.”

WARNING: This post is pic heavy, so it’s best to see it on a desktop computer or laptop than a phone or tablet.

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Currently Obsessed: Kiko Collection (Part 1)

aka I learn the hard way how many Kiko Milano products I’ve bought within the span of 3 months.

Hello Beautiful Blossoms! I’m sorry for the delay in the entry post – it took me a while to get some shots for today’s post and had to decide how many pictures I was going to showcase, since I have a limited amount of space available to use.

In the course of taking these pictures, I had to dig through my makeup stashes to find ALL of my Kiko Milano products. And realized that if I were to take all the pictures I had of them, I wouldn’t be able to post today. So I figured I’d make 2 entries.

Yep. It’s that fairly massive. Lol.

WARNING: This entry is IMAGE-HEAVY. It’s best to check it out on a desktop rather than a phone internet browser.

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Currently Obsessed: Kiko Milano (Part 3)

Last time on Currently Obsessed: 

I finished my haul, surprising the sales associate at the counter with the amount of lipsticks I was purchasing. The price that I paid for was in the $100-150 range and in Sephora, I would have gotten only 5 items.

You’d think that that was the end of my story with Kiko, right?


You see, Kiko had a branch in Queens Center Mall. Cue reaction here.

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Currently Obsessed: Kiko Milano (Part 3)

Previously on Currently Obsessed:

Kiko Milano proved itself to be worthy of dethroning Sephora as my go-to store for lipstick. Their Luscious Cream Lipstick’s selling price was enough for me to quit blowing $26 for every NARS Lip Crayon in Cruella in almost every Sephora I come across.

A second trip to Kiko Milano in Kings Plaza was needed. This time, my grandma and my sister tagged along – my grandma was curious to see the lipstick line that got me to babble on and on and on about it to her and my sister wanted to shop for new shoes in the Vans store in the mall. 

My excitement from the first visit to Kiko Milano had doubled. I couldn’t wait to do a lipstick haul on the 510! 

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Currently Obsessed: Kiko Milano (Part 2)

Previously on Currently Obsessed:

I took a bus to Kings Plaza (I debated whether to name the shopping center or not out of safety reasons, but I didn’t wanna keep saying “shopping center” over and over) to check out Kiko Milano, a relatively unknown cosmetic company in the US but a cult favorite in Europe. My journey was kicked off by my search for a lip exfoliator in a tube, which Kiko sells.

Fortunately for me, they had set up shop in KP (Kings Plaza) so I was able to check out the lip exfoliator in person rather than take a chance online. As soon as I got off the bus, the one question I had in mind: would Kiko Milano be able to dethrone Sephora?

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