TRE: Kardashian Beauty Lawsuit

Hullo, Beautiful Blossoms. I wish I could start this entry with the jovial enthusiasm that I’ve always had when writing The Raised Eyebrow – but these words would never deliver the weight that I feel on my shoulders or the cloud that looms over my head whenever I undergo a bout of depression.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d see a post that I made about buying a Lorac palette. What that picture could never tell you was that it was my attempt at trying to stay afloat in a turbulent ocean, trying to be happy when I felt contrary. Of course, nobody follows people on social networking accounts for negativity. But here, I aim to be raw and true – both the good and bad will be shown, because life doesn’t always consist of rainbows and sunshine.

Even now, I struggle to feel somewhat “normal” as I bring you this week’s TRE. I can only hope you’ll bear with me as I try to weather out this bout.

This week’s topic has been around for some time, but the nature of it is still something that make me raise an eyebrow even now: the Kardashian sisters are being sued by an investment group, Hillair Capital Management, for “breach of contract” – the sisters were supposed to promote their cosmetic line and in exchange, Hillair would invest save in their beauty line. For all the promos that the Kardashian sisters regularly do, how often do you see them mention that they have a beauty line?

When I passed by the shelf space that Kardashian Beauty occupied in the Ulta I popped into, it was barely touched – there were plenty of products on its shelves collecting dust. All the other brands that were sold in the stores, especially NYX, got raided through.

I can’t help but wonder why Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe couldn’t be bothered to market their beauty line the same way their half sisters have been promoting the brands they’ve curated / work with. Considering the way the three Kardashian ladies tend to set makeup trends, you’d think that they would be heavily interested in promoting products they’ve slapped their name on.

But nope. Kim came out with her Kimojis, Khloe is promoting her Kocktails with Khloe, and Kourtney is promoting her app (I don’t keep track of all the products that the Kardashians create, but the aforementioned items have been making headlines enough that my brain retained them somehow) and working on herself after her split with Scott Disick. Kendall is working with Estee Lauder and Kylie is doing her lip kits and nail polish.

Hillair Capital Management is suing the Kardashian sisters for $180 million. Considering how much money they make, that’s probably chump change to them. But the way things are looking, the Kardashians are hoping that not many people are aware they’re being sued by an investment firm and that it’ll die down eventually with lack of attention.

But if I learned anything from “Shark Tank,” double-crossing an investor is one of the last things you ever want to do in life.

How often have you heard of the Kardashian Beauty line? Do you own any of their products?

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