TRE: Complaints About Makeup Holiday Sets.

It is September and if you’ve been keeping up with the latest and the greatest in the beauty scene, brands have begun to roll out their holiday sets. Some of them are interesting to the makeup newbie, but there are a lot of complaints coming from the seasoned beauty buyers regarding the quality of these limited edition, seasonal products, predominantly neutral color selection, and, especially Too Faced, similar palettes.

I can’t say I’m a seasoned makeup buyer: there are still brands out there that I haven’t tried every brand out there or bought enough makeup products to know which ones to avoid (there are some but it’s a tiny list and quite subjective). Aw hell, some of the products I own are disliked by some people. But that doesn’t stop me from buying the ones that I personally want and skip on the ones that they personally want.  Continue reading “TRE: Complaints About Makeup Holiday Sets.”

TRE: When the Addiction is Too Real…

This week’s TRE does not feature the Kardashian-Jenners, KFC’s weird ass chicken-scented sunscreen (I’m beginning to think that KFC is pushing the Soylent Green agenda to reality), YouTube beauty vlogger drama (I don’t mind the tea spilling but it’s getting tiresome tbh), or any other mainstream beauty news. Rather, it’s going to be about BBA and me. Because I’m tired of rehashing things that have been reported already to hell and back. And the blog needs to be more selfish and personal, if that even makes any sense.

So what got me raising an eyebrow at BBA and myself?

You see, I had to rearrange my bed area / work space in an attempt to fight back at my bout of depression. Now, I have my work station right next to a shoe rack that you hang over a door. Except it’s not filled with shoes: it’s filled with makeup products.

Lots. And lots. And my tiaras to boot.

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TRE: My Half-Baked Lighting Studio

This week, I made an exception to The Raised Eyebrow because for the first time, a makeup product or trend didn’t have me raising it: rather, it was an incomplete order that I recently made that did it. And not in a what-the-actual-fuck way, but more of a the-fuck-is-this-bullshit way.

You see, I felt like I needed to upgrade from the itty bitty lightbox that my brother gave to me because he no longer needed it. So I had to invest in a giant one that Temptalia uses (because shit damn, those snapshots in the posts look goooooood) and after a mishap with ordering what I initially thought was the same product for a really cheap price (the damn thing costs $100 at its lowest before taxes), I managed to order the correct one. Two days later, I got it.

Only to find out that I was short of a fluorescent lamp. ಠ_ಠ

At first, I thought it was strange. Maybe I missed a box that contained the lamp? But I remember the box being light as fuck and having only the wrapping paper in it when it was set to be thrown out. The lamp would have given the box some weight. So I checked the materials that I pulled out of the box for setup. Nope. No lamp whatsoever.

I checked the product details. The damn set was supposed to have a lamp.

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TRE: I Can’t Even…

Heylo, Beautiful Blossoms. And no, you’re not dreaming or hallucinating. And no, it’s not the end of the world and a sign of the Apocalypse. July turned out to be the roughest month of the year for me (so far) in an overarching way and for once, I couldn’t turn to makeup blogging or vlogging for relief.

I’ve tried to keep in touch via Twitter as much as I could but that proved to be a struggle as well – the only times I was able to post was when I had a brief moment of elevated mood before I came crashing back down further than where I originally felt like I was. And maybe it’s the fact that July is over that I finally got the strength to get out of moping in bed and sit down for a post.

And boy, the makeup scene did not fail to deliver with the goods for this week’s TRE.

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TRE: Holiday Palettes… in July???

What’s up, Beautiful Blossoms?

Yes, this week’s text entry came in rather late today because I just came back from a birthday/graduation get-together at my neighbor’s house and it took me a while to figure out if there was anything to write about for this week’s TRE entry. Nothing major has happened in the beauty scene that has me raising an eyebrow a la The Rock, but the title above has me raising it slightly enough to count.

Holiday palettes. In July. Smack dab in the middle of summer. Can someone explain this shit to me? Because I don’t get the whole Christmas-in-July thing. And I sure as hell don’t get why holiday palettes are already being announced right smack in the hottest month of the entire frickin’ year.

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The Raised Eyebrow: Gen Beauty 2016

Hello, Beautiful Blossoms. I wish I could say “Happy Sunday” like everything is fine and dandy, but I’m sure the whole world has been informed about one of the roughest weeks in recent United States history. I don’t intend to get political with this blog post, but I can’t deny just how deeply hurt I felt last week by the tragedy that’s taken place. And the ongoing rhetoric of “with us or against us” doesn’t help either – what if I’m both pro-BLM AND pro-police? Where does that place me in this chaos of both sides clamoring for support for their own cause, when they refuse to begin the change that’s needed by looking into their own ranks first. 

Neither group seems to be aware of the fact that their respective causes are undermined by people who claim to “support the cause,” and until both sides are aware and admit it, I don’t expect things to get better. Not all black people are criminals, thugs, or hoodrats. Not all cops wake up from their beds wanting to kill black people. But why are the ones who want to divide and hate given audience by the media?

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TRE / BAFT: FLOWER Beauty and Insta Makeup

What’s up, beautiful blossoms?!

I did say I was going to attempt writing an entry today as scheduled and I’m here. And yes, BAFT is making a one-time comeback today, thanks to YouTube MUA Jordan Liberty’s video on Instagram makeup on the second half of today’s entry. But first, time to get my raised eyebrow back to its normal level.

FLOWER Beauty, as I’ve mentioned before, is a cosmetic brand created by Drew Barrymore that used to be sold in Walmart stores. The brand’s selling point is that it’s plant-infused, cruelty-free, made in America, and uses the same ingredients used in luxury makeup without the hefty price tag. I say “used” because Walmart no longer carries this brand, which raised both eyebrows.

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