FoD: The MLM Adventures (Final)

I was going through my previous blog entries, trying to figure out which series were left hanging on a thread (I’m trying to get myself reorganized with my Series), and it turns out that I never finished the story of my time as an MLM rung/step/shill/seller.

Shall we get to the end? No worries, it’s not terribly long – if anything, you can probably guess what happened next.

My ex boyfriend became a liability that Charles could not afford, so he started pulling the big guns – he called in his Upline, Rodolfo, who brought is wife, Preet, to pretty much berate and humiliate try and get into my ex’s head. Needless to say, I was there too when it went down.

The meeting was not private, however: there were two potential candidates who were called in as well, and a Downline who was to serve as a cheerleader or supporter for Amway. While the potentials were put through product demos, my ex and (indirectly) I were on the receiving end of verbal passive aggressive shots by Charles, Rodolfo, and Preet.

Over and over, they kept insisting that we were never gonna go anywhere if we don’t trust the Amway process of success. Rodolfo even went as far as using my ex’s passion for martial arts as an example means of trying to relate to him. My ex did not appreciate it.

At that point, it was hard not to show my dismay at the way they were shaming us. My ex and I made it clear that we were done participating in their shenanigans and that they could, more or less, shove all their pitches up their ass and call it a day.

That was our last interaction with Amway, but NOT with MLMs altogether. One of his friends, Ian, got roped into another MLM company that focused on travel. The telltale signs were so painfully obvious but we still went and attended the sales pitch out of politeness.

And that was the last time I ever dealt with MLMs with my ex. The rest…. well, he’s my ex for a reason. As for MLMs go, I just stay away from them as much as I can. I get a lot of Younique accounts that follow me on Insta, and I do a courtesy follow in return, but I’m simply not interested in the product pitches and shills.

Then there’s Ellebeau’s Poonique adventures – it’s worth the Google Search, I promise.

Ultimately, I don’t scoff or look down on people who get hooked into the MLM scene, unless they’re extremely obnoxious about it. Often, it’s forgotten that at the end of the day, they are people who are financially hurting and are simply looking for a quick relief. I’ve been down that road myself so I know what it’s like, but sympathy for people in that river are hard to come by.

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