Frank on Depression: Makeup Edition

Is it possible to be depressed from makeup?

Yes. Yes it is. Maybe depressed isn’t the right word, but I definitely don’t feel the joy of makeup anymore… at least, not like in the beginning. And I have to remind myself that I can’t always be euphoric with makeup – it’s not healthy. And someone tell me when I decided to go all Stepford Wife with makeup.

I’ve mentioned before that keeping up with the latest and greatest makeup releases is exhausting. I don’t remember if I mentioned how bad it made me feel (if I did, sorry – I’m probably about to beat this into your head and eyes for the nteenth time), but it didn’t just make me feel bad – I felt depressed by them. Nothing felt exciting or innovative – every time a new makeup product got released, all I could see was another benchmark that seemed to go farther than what I could feasibly reach. Not from lack of trying, but because I have to be realistic – when was the last time I’ve really shuffled through my makeup stash?

I’ve given palettes and makeup products away and shrugged it off like it was… Tuesday. Shit, it IS Tuesday. M. Bison would be proud.

But there’s still a lot in my stash that reminds me of the time when my depression somehow made it logical to own a lot of makeup. Which is ironic, because that same depression is what’s berating me for even nearly going damn broke on some days for buying them in the first place.

I used to think that my main struggle with makeup was making the effort to put them on. No, it’s not hard – I could do it if I really wanted to. But maybe the desire isn’t enough to push me to go all in – after all, at the end of the day, the amount of effort and energy it took me to apply makeup has to be doubled when removing them.

There are also moments where I’d look at some of the makeup products and I wonder, why did I buy you in the first place? Gone is the glitz, the glamour, the infatuation – all that’s left is a product that’s staring at me, wondering when it’ll finally be considered for use.

Donating them seems like a sensible thing to do – after all, there are plenty of women who could really use makeup to make themselves feel somewhat normal, in a general sense.

Honestly, I’d rather donate financially – I feel that a monetary donation could go much further than donating makeup. If anything, I would assume that companies could afford to do it for good PR – makeup is an industry where the markup is ridiculously high.

Just look at how many brands by YouTube beauty videomakers exist.




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