The Sponsor Venture(s) – cicbeauty # 1

Edit (08/19/2020): I changed the symbol after the neo powder™ shampoo from the registered trademark symbol to just the trademark symbol because it turns out that there is a difference between the two – I thought they were interchangeable. The title was also corrected to show the number of posts associated with the featured brand.

So what made me change my mind about doing sponsored posts after pretty much raising hell about them previously? There’s a lot of factors – the coronavirus being one of them – that got me to reconsider. Truth be told, it wasn’t until I went on Dealspotr that I found out about cicbeauty, the brand that I’m going to be reviewing for the next 4 days in separate entries.

You read that title right: today’s post is my very first Sponsored post (after shirking them off for at least 2 years – I forget how old the site is tbh) featuring a sample product that I got for free. I just don’t feel comfortable doing posts and getting paid for them (honestly, any time money is involved, expect the review to be biased). So today’s post is going to delve a little bit about the brand and the product itself.

The Brand:

cicbeauty (they actually made the second c in reverse in their branding – you’ll see what I mean) is a fairly indie company whose “aim is to introduce innovating concepts to see the beauty in a new way.” For this particular case, I signed up to receive a free sample of their product, neo powder™ shampoo. This shampoo is supposed to do wonders for one’s hair using mostly natural ingredients with hyaluronic acid, minus the water filler that’s added to most commercially available shampoos.

ALLERGY ALERT: If you have any or are allergic to coconut, hemp, ginger, or fragrance, DO NOT CONSIDER THIS PRODUCT. Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction(s) that a user may experience from trying and/ or using the neo powder™ shampoo. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Why cicbeauty?

When I first read the newsletter from the company, I was curious about the claims they made for their product – hair products are not a one-size-fits-all category, and the fact that they made no mention of whether the product is colorsafe (I have highlights) also caught my eye. Once you get a permanent color treatment to your hair, you’re limited to the type of shampoo that you can use to clean your hair (and not wash out all the color, sweat, and tears that your hair stylist put into your ‘do). And I found out from my hair stylist that part of my scalp is excessively oily (sorry Deirdre, I just did not win the genetic lottery on that round), which makes it harder for her to do highlights on my hair.

Did I mention that cicbeauty was willing to take me on an influencer despite the fact that my rating on Dealspotr is less than attractive? The influencer scene is a dog-eat-dog arena and if you’re gonna strut in there to take a slice of the pie, you better have the numbers to back you up. And I am so far removed from that – my non-influencer career has kept me afloat consistently, so it’s where I devote my time and effort.

neo powder™ shampoo?

The name threw me off for a loop: a shampoo that’s… a powder? With hyaluronic acid?

bUt ShAmpoOs arE suPPosed to Be LiQuiD!!!1!!

You’re telling me. The challenge is going to be figuring out how much to use – I am heavy handed when it comes to using shampoo, partly due to the suds and also, my paranoia that more suds = more clean scalp. And I’m leaving it at that. The back of the box stated that most shampoos are mainly made with water – I actually ran into my bathroom to read the ingredients list on my current shampoo and no joke, the first ingredient on it was water. O_O

Okay, cicbeauty got me there. So consider me fully game on to do a run with this shampoo!

HyALUronic ACid is for sKINcare!

Er… what do people think the scalp is made of? Enamel? Bone?

So What Now?

Well, in the next entry I’m going to post pictures of the product when it arrived, as well as an unboxing. I’m actually excited to post my thoughts on that process – I just hope that the images are mobile friendly ^^;

See you Lovely Petal(s)minor edit here because grammar XD in the next post!


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