Currently Obsessed: Kiko Collection (Part 1)

aka I learn the hard way how many Kiko Milano products I've bought within the span of 3 months. Hello Beautiful Blossoms! I'm sorry for the delay in the entry post - it took me a while to get some shots for today's post and had to decide how many pictures I was going to …

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Currently Obsessed: Kiko Milano (Part 3)

Eventually, I found Kiko's spot in the mall. What I wasn't expecting was that they had situated themselves right across from Sephora. Holy cow, I thought to myself. Kiko Milano's really trying to challenge Sephora!

BAFT: The YouTube Makeup Bubble (Part 1)

*Please check the What's New at BBA page to find out the schedule for the entries at BBA. Hello, Beautiful Blossoms! I know I gave a back-to-back entry last week with Currently Obsessed and then got really quiet until today, and I do apologize for the sudden silence. I was able to squeeze an entry …

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BBA is back… well, sort of.

Hello everyone! Yes, I am officially back on board... well, sort of. I did say I was going to go on a hiatus to take some personal time off to deal with personal issues - the biggest one being my now ex boyfriend cheating on me. Twice. That aside, I am hoping to be back …

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