BBA is back… well, sort of.

Hello everyone!

Yes, I am officially back on board… well, sort of. I did say I was going to go on a hiatus to take some personal time off to deal with personal issues – the biggest one being my now ex boyfriend cheating on me. Twice.

That aside, I am hoping to be back soon and Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics is going to be headed in a different direction – I am no longer in the direct selling business and no longer advertising Motives products, so you won’t be seeing anymore Motives-related stuff. In fact, I had to throw them away because they’ve expired. ^ ^

The site should go back to active status slowly… and I’ve also been on a makeup binge like crazy – wait until you see my current makeup train case and the stash of stuff inside it!

I hope to see you in the next entry!

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