Makeup By Seasons

Or why Filipino Beauty Bloggers are rare.

Do you Beautiful Blossoms adjust your makeup to the change in season? This is a concept I’ve never  understood, as I view makeup as a form of self-expression regardless of the weather. Lately I’ve been seeing berry lip colors in accordance with Fall.

I kinda figured I’d see more of the orange spectrum. But having lived in a country where the only seasons were fry-and-bake-in-the-sun or get-soaked-to-the-bone rain for a good chunk of my life, I doubt I will ever understand the need to adjust one’s makeup to the season. And that’s okay.

As for the other half of the title, it’s true. There aren’t any mainstream Filipino beauty bloggers out there (at least, as mainstream as the ones on YouTube). PatrickStarrrrr can be counted, but his style is more suited for drag performance. What about the everyday girl or woman?

ItsJudysLife can be counted as well – she is Filipino too and she’s fairly mainstream. But holy cow, the criticisms on her…

That and in the Philippines, makeup is a luxury only celebrities and high-income people who live in the higher altitudes can afford. You go anywhere below Baguio or the mountain areas, your makeup won’t last past 12. It’s that hot there. It’d be kinda nice to have a rep in the beauty community though.

Don’t forget to check out the new menu: BBA Makeup Product Gallery! I can FINALLY post pictures of products I’ve purchased or have!

Currently Obsessed: Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Let me start this entry off with an apology to you, Beautiful Blossoms. I know Currently Obsessed is supposed to be posted every Friday, but I feel like I haven’t been keeping up my end of the bargain and for that I do apologize. I need to make a better effort to sticking to my own imposed schedule.

But yesterday, I suffered a rampaging anxiety attack that lasted for 9 hours.Yep – 9 freakin’ hours because of a friend’s stupid decision to tell me that he may have some hard news for me and that I may need to lean on him for support. BUT HE NEVER WENT INTO DETAIL after telling me that message for 9 hours.

When he finally did, he told me that he got into a fight with his long-distance girlfriend and his mind was elsewhere when he decided to message me that ominous warning. I was left to think of the worst possible scenarios for 9 hours with no end or relief in sight. I had to plead for help on IG to try and calm down (well, it got ignored because IG is starting to become a mass marketing tool than a social media platform). I couldn’t think straight nor did I have the energy to do anything other than to lay in bed and pray and hope that whatever “hard news” I was gonna get walloped with, I’d live through it.

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CO: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Happy Friday, Beautiful Blossoms! I hope your week went by smoothly and if not, well, at least you’re here because you love makeup or you’re just addicted to it. I fall on the latter – I dropped by the Kiko Milano in Kings Plaza and snagged me some lip stuff.

But today’s post is going to be dedicated to my OTHER go-to red lip product when I’m not relying on my Kiko Milano Temptress Lip Set: the NARS Velvet Matte Lip in Cruella. This pricey bitch got introduced to me on my birthday because I didn’t know Sephora actually gave out birthday gifts.

I was too distraught by my ex cheating on me that day so I went to Sephora to feel better.

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Currently Obsessed: Tatcha

Previously on Currently Obsessed:

The first step was the Camellia Oil. I couldn’t help but be skeptical – how can an oil be used as a cleanser? Part of my face was oily, so why use oil to clean it away? But because I wanted to have GEISHA BABY SKIN, I went ahead and massaged my face with the stuff as instructed.

20 seconds later, it was time to wash the stuff off. Holy. Shit.

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BAFT / Announcement: Look Like Me!

Welcome back, Beautiful Blossoms, to another week of BAFT! If you’re new here, glad to have you visiting the site! This week is both a BAFT and an Announcement (at the end of the entry): I was struggling to figure out what to discuss this week because nothing thought-provoking really happened. And I didn’t want to be a broken record and repeat topics that have already been discussed in previous entries.

So what’s a girl to do?

Lo and behold, my prayers were answered: a comment by WordPress blogger PhillyFashionGirl gave me this week’s topic. Thanks hon!

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Currently Obsessed: Tatcha

Happy Friday, Beautiful Blossoms! And no, don’t be alarmed by the title. I did say I was going to post more pictures of my Kiko Milano stash from the Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics Vault, but to save my storage space, I’ve decided to make a Pinterest account to host all pictures I’ve taken with my Pentax. Instagram is more of an on-the-fly snapshots of when I’m on the go, but when I’m home, I prefer to use my Pentax.

Be sure to check out the Pinterest account on the top-right hand corner of the site’s main page!

And now, let’s talk Tatcha!

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