What Went Wrong: UD’s Naked Palette

In today’s WWW, I’d like to blog about the palette that kicked off the never-ending craze for warm (arguably) neutrals: Urban Decay’s Naked palette.

Commonly referred to as Naked 1 – even though it was never released as such – this was hailed as an all-time favorite by beautytubers… that is, until the next free PR product came along. I’m not calling out those who genuinely like the palette and have consistently used it since they got it, but when was the last time the Naked palette has been mentioned as a favorite by the big leagues?

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Day 4: I Quit This Challenge.

Yep. I am officially throwing in the towel on my self-imposed challenge. The more I tried to get myself to be enthusiastic about cracking open my Vice 4 palette, the more frustrated I became with using it. And no brush I owned in my arsenal could transfer the damn eyeshadow from pan to palette the way I felt like it should have.

Then there’s the fact that I work 5 bloody days a week in a cubicle. At most, I’d be wearing my Vice 4 colors for a couple of hours before I have to take them off eventually for bed. I didn’t see the point of struggling with meh eyeshadow quality for a 2 hour wear (and don’t even get me started on the attempt of taking pictures to show my handiwork).

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30 Days with my Vice 4

During another period of boredom / mind off to the great beyond at work, I surfed the Internet for what’s new in makeup. And then I find myself remembering the eyeshadow palettes that I already have (enough to cover nearly every color available). 

And rather than get frustrated with seeing pics of eyeshadows being showcased on Instagram (and getting more sick of genericness), I decided to do a self-imposed challenge and reach foe one of my most neglected makeup palettes: the Urban Decay Vice 4. 

I did a vlog review on this bugger some time ago and I still struggle to convince myself to use it more. Honestly, the colors aren’t wearable for work and the fallout is enough to annoy me to the point where I couldn’t be bothered to use it. 

But my eyeshadow style is too much safe and not enough color or boldness. So, for 30 days after work (starting today), I’m going to play with my Vice 4. I’m debating whether I should post pics on Insta for progress, since I’m not doing this for views or anyone but myself. 

I wonder how flexible the Vice 4 can really be.