Day 4: I Quit This Challenge.

Yep. I am officially throwing in the towel on my self-imposed challenge. The more I tried to get myself to be enthusiastic about cracking open my Vice 4 palette, the more frustrated I became with using it. And no brush I owned in my arsenal could transfer the damn eyeshadow from pan to palette the way I felt like it should have.

Then there’s the fact that I work 5 bloody days a week in a cubicle. At most, I’d be wearing my Vice 4 colors for a couple of hours before I have to take them off eventually for bed. I didn’t see the point of struggling with meh eyeshadow quality for a 2 hour wear (and don’t even get me started on the attempt of taking pictures to show my handiwork).

Honestly, I found myself reaching more for my Naked 3 or my AudaCITY. My AUDACITY. The latter does worse in terms of pigmentation compared to the Vice 4 but I’d rather use AudaCITY if I had to choose between it and Vice 4.

The last reason may seem silly, but I wasn’t enjoying myself in doing the 30-day challenge with my Vice 4. Granted, I could do more looks with it than Naked 3, but the challenge felt forced. I thought that by trying to spend 30 days with the palette, I’d have a fun time experimenting with it. Instead, I just found myself procrastinating (and occasionally dreading) the challenge.

If something stops being fun and you have the means to stop yourself from doing it further, then you’d take that chance and run for the hills. But I’m not giving up on the Vice 4 – there’s gotta be a reason it was designed as such. I still want to see the creative vision that Wende and her team had when they planned it out for release.

But I can’t do it as a challenge. Which reminds me: I’ve been watching Bob Ross lately (to cope with my ongoing bouts of depression and home stress) and I remember making a YouTube video wayback when about doing GRWM but a la Bob Ross – I wanted to become a painter ever since I first saw a glimpse of him on The Joy of Painting (now retitled as The Best of the Joy of Painting).

Of course, little ol’ me was crushed when I busted out my children’s watercolor palette and couldn’t replicate his eyecandy paintings. But I never forgot Bob’s soothing voice while he worked his artistic magic onscreen. Turns out millions of people didn’t either.

So the next time I’ll open my Vice 4, it’ll be for the first video of my GRWM series on YouTube. Now, if only I had a quiet place to get that done…

Did I also mention that I’m living in a cramped space where I can’t talk very loudly or else I risk getting overheard? And that I’m moving sometime soon?

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