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The first step was the Camellia Oil. I couldn’t help but be skeptical – how can an oil be used as a cleanser? Part of my face was oily, so why use oil to clean it away? But because I wanted to have GEISHA BABY SKIN, I went ahead and massaged my face with the stuff as instructed.

20 seconds later, it was time to wash the stuff off. Holy. Shit.

If you’re wondering why I went like this:

After trying out the Tatcha Camelia Oil ($48 – sold full size only), it’s because I’ve been using drugstore facial cleansers for most of my life and while it did wonders with the oily parts of my face, my jaw area was dry and ashy. And if you’ve been using traditional (non-oil-based) facial cleansers, you’ll understand my plight.

When I washed the Camelia Oil off, I didn’t feel the familiar dry patches on my face. And the oily parts sure as hell weren’t oily! I basically channeled Hoss Delgado when he had this moment when I finished washing my face:

But using the Camelia Oil was just Step 1 in The Ritual Kit – you see, the Kit ($59) contains 4 items that must be used consecutively in order to get the GEISHA BABY SKIN (I’m gonna keep caps-locking that phrase). Or at least, take the first step towards it. Following the Camelia Oil was the Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder ($65 full-size, $15 for travel size), a gentle exfoliant that works well with all skin types. The powder is abrasive but it doesn’t irritate.

Following the Enzyme powder is the Deep Brightening Serum ($185 sold full-size only), designed to correct dark spots and brighten your face. And finishing the Ritual is the Moisture Rich Silk Cream ($150 full-size only), hydrating your face after cleansing and exfoliating. And if you’re crying at this point because of the numbers next to the products, I don’t blame you.

Tatcha’s not for the cheap but when it comes to skincare, the last thing you want to be is cheap – we only have one skin in our lifetime.

But the price is so worth it. Heck, invest in the Ritual Kit if you can – best way to try 4 really good items from Tatcha for $60.

This is what remains of my Tatcha Ritual Kit for Combination Skin.

I made the mistake of throwing out the other two products before I decided to write about Tatcha for Currently Obsessed. @ _ @

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