Outside My Beauty Bubble (2)

In the previous entry, I dabbled a bit about coming across counterfeit makeup. I’ve seen Internet talk about their existence and even saw news reports about them, but to see them in person is a bit of a rarity.

You see, in NYC, counterfeits of major makeup brands is rare to see – there’s just far too many SephUltas in Manhattan alone that buying counterfeit seems… well, counterproductive.

But that isn’t to say that I’ve never seen counterfeit makeup being sold in the streets of NYC – I actually did, and it was in the last place I expected to come across: 34th Street, a.k.a. Herald Square.

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First Impressions: L’Oreal Truematch Lumi Cushion

Hey Beautiful Blossoms!

I gave my self-purchased L’Oreal Truematch Lumi Cushion in N4 (Buff Beige) a run today because I’ve been itching for a more convenient way to put on  face makeup on the go without having to bust out a foundation brush and take a painstaking 10 minutes (this is the fastest I can ever clock myself doing this) and decide which foundation I’m going to work with (they all have their quirks).

And the other problem was that I had to dig through my primers and see which ones were silicone-based and which primers were water-based. Fun…

NOT. It was a pain in the ass because I had to look for the Dimethicone and its cousins in the ingredients list and I bought the MAC Prep + Prime at the suggestion of a MAC employee that it was silicone based (it’s not), so I’m debating whether to return that because I have a lot of water-based primers already… but I’ve never owned a MAC primer on the other hand…

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What Went Wrong: WnW Reserve Your Cabana

What’s up, Beautiful Blossoms? My chronic depression did not win today so here I am with a blog entry! And it’s been a while since I posted a product disappointment to me, so I figured I’d post one – and it’s about a hyped product to boot!

And yep, another new series: What Went Wrong. I swear, I just don[‘t come up with these on the fly. I thought about putting this entry under the “My Neglected Makeup” category, but I realized that I barely even touched the damn thing to consider it as neglected. To me, a neglected makeup means that I use it more than one time but it’s not something I consistently turn to when I do my makeup.

Plus, there are so many rave reviews about Reserve Your Cabana being a sent-from-the-makeup-heavens product. So what was I doing wrong? And that’s when it hit me: the product isn’t necessarily bad – it just didn’t work out for me. I’m sure it works wonders for other people, though, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Plus, it does challenge me to really assess the product from a more objective view than the simple “it just didn’t work out!” or “I just didn’t like it!”

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TRE: Complaints About Makeup Holiday Sets.

It is September and if you’ve been keeping up with the latest and the greatest in the beauty scene, brands have begun to roll out their holiday sets. Some of them are interesting to the makeup newbie, but there are a lot of complaints coming from the seasoned beauty buyers regarding the quality of these limited edition, seasonal products, predominantly neutral color selection, and, especially Too Faced, similar palettes.

I can’t say I’m a seasoned makeup buyer: there are still brands out there that I haven’t tried every brand out there or bought enough makeup products to know which ones to avoid (there are some but it’s a tiny list and quite subjective). Aw hell, some of the products I own are disliked by some people. But that doesn’t stop me from buying the ones that I personally want and skip on the ones that they personally want.  Continue reading “TRE: Complaints About Makeup Holiday Sets.”

Kiko Single Eyeshadow and NYX Stick Highlighters

Today, I went to Kings Plaza because I couldn’t stand being cooped up. I was supposed to have done training for a job that I would have worked, but it fell apart and we no longer fit like a jigsaw puzzle. So what to do on an accidental day off?

I wanted to get a Kiko single eyeshadow after seeing a quick review on it by MyStyleInsideOut.I originally gave the Infinity CLICS eyeshadow line a pass because I found it to be too chalky for my preference. But my AudaCITY’s bulky packaging made me reconsider. I didn’t want to be forced to lug a big palette just to use the matte shadows in it with my Kiko Duo Baked eyeshadow. And no, I’m not depotting that shit because it cost me $69 and I’ll be damned if I have to throw out the AudaCITY packaging in favor of a Z-palette.

I just can’t bring myself to like Z-palettes. I really can’t. The practicality of having aaaaaaall my eyeshadows in one palette couldn’t do it. Partly because I like knowing where my eyeshadows came from.

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BBA Wants: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

After lurking on reddit’s makeup subs for some time and growing weary of the well-known makeup brands on the market, I found myself fascinated by indie brands that don’t get as much promo as the major beauty players. After constantly Googling makeup out of boredom during my break, Beauty Bakerie caught my eye.

At first, I thought this was a baking company with a beauty / makeup theme to it. So down the rabbit hole I went and I have not looked back since. This brand hit me right in the feels by being a combination of two personal favorites. It’s hard not to feel like going gaga over names like “Raspberry Tiramisu Lip Whip” or “Milkshake Lip Whip.” They may or may not have been responsible for sending me to my local drugstore and buying 2 half pints of Ben and Jerry’s today.

The colors are amazing too! Versailles and Sakura Delight are drawing me in every time I check the liquid lipstick selections. But the price point is deterring me from giving in to my cravings, along with the fact that I have a lot of liquid lipsticks already that would beat me over the head if they had little limbs.

And don’t get me started on the eyeshadow line itself. EyesCream? I see what you did there Beauty Bakerie.

Have you tried a product from this indie brand? What do you think?

My Neglected Makeup: Urban Decay Naked

At work, I found myself thinking about writing a blog post today. After writing about my barely used Tarte blush, I found myself thinking about the other makeup products that get neglected because I don’t reach for them enough for some odd reason. Let’s just say there’s a lot. In terms of palettes alone, I have at lest 10 – even more altogether because some are  LE repeats. The paranoia of discontinuation is too damn real with me.

I have all 3 Naked palettes (I love 3 the most because I’m a sucker for rosey colors) and I bought the first 2  out of sheer boredom and being annoyed at my dad for making me drive him to a freakin’ golf course on our way to Maryland because 1 was the palette that really made Urban Decay a household name and 2 was also a huge hit. What kept me initially from buying them when I had the opportunity to do so?

I wasn’t drawn to the colors. I felt like 1 would blend with my skin tone since the colors were warm and 2 didn’t really interest me.

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