TRE: Sephora Revamping Its Rewards System

This week’s TRE was brought to you by Reddit’s r/makeupaddiction. It’s kind of old news but it’s something that did have me raising an eyebrow, considering I ranted about it close to 2 weeks ago, I believe.

Since the title above made rounds in r/makeupaddiction, there hasn’t been any confirmation by Sephora’s corporate reps (link here). Apparently, Trendmood announced the company’s plans to revamp the Beauty Rewards program via Instagram and people have been speculating on whether Sephora is finally going to listen to the never-ending complaints by customers, including moi, or not.

Am I saying that I single-handedly made Sephora take a good hard look at how bad its Beauty Rewards system is? Hell no. I’m not highly egotistical (to say I have no ego would be outright bullshit) to make that claim, but it does give me a sense of relief that Sephora’s finally acknowledging the pink elephant in the room. The timing, for me, is just a coincidence.

But that’s just addressing half of the issue. At this point, anything is up in the air and this revamp could go either north or south – we could see a big improvement with the Rewards System or it could suck so hard, I’ll stick to Macy’s for all my shopping needs. Because Macy’s at least has some good promos that make buying from them worthwhile. Speaking of which, they’re doing a promo on Estee Lauder products and I snapped up 2 of their Double Wear Foundations and got me a bag of goodies and an eyeshadow palette for my troubles. Full-sized products to boot.

You hear that, Sephora?

In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting Sephora to fix its Beauty Rewards program. I figured that they’re making too much money to be concerned with customer complaints, and as I pointed in my “Sephora VIB Rouge Program” entry, people are going to keep shopping there, especially if Ulta is not available and drugstore cosmetics just aren’t up to snuff (don’t even get me started on returning products bought online). Believe it or not, this is the case for me in NYC – Ulta is a good distance from me and drugstores are more of a miss than a hit, especially when it comes to eyeshadow palettes.

The other thing that I like about Sephora? They have testers out. Yes, I know they are cesspools of germs, but it’s nice to be able to at least see what the product looks like (even with the flexible return policy, I still have to pay for transportation to get to a store to return the damn thing and I have to factor that into the overall money I’m getting back).

If you shop at Sephora, what do you hope to see with the soon-to-be-revamped Beauty Rewards system? Do you think Sephora will improve or continue to go downhill?

And that’s it for this week’s TRE! I can only wonder what will have me raising an eyebrow next week…

Stay Blooming, Beautiful Blossoms!

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