Finally! On Track Again!

Heylo Beautiful Blossoms! I’m sorry I hadn’t done any posting last week – this year’s Easter was the busiest one I’ve ever lived through. Between religious observance, shuffling my grandma and then her and my grandpa to the airport with 4 pieces of baggage altogether… @ _ @ I was BEYOND pooped physically and mentally.

And it wasn’t until today that I managed to recover enough to get my bearings to make a video for the YouTube channel and post an entry here to let you know why I’ve been rather quiet for the last week.

Tomorrow’s entry is going to be rather lengthy, as I am going to be posting what should have been last week’s “Currently Obsessed Round-Up” and the first CO product of the month.

I hope your Easter wasn’t as hectic as mine and went much more smoothly. Looking forward to posting tomorrow for you to read!


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