The Raised Eyebrow: Sue Me!

Hello again, Beautiful Blossoms! I know I’m a day behind with this post but I wasn’t expecting to come home late last night from a trip with my cousin (time flies by really fast when you’re not on your smartphone) to our local mall. On top of that, I was hoping I’d find something that would make my eyebrow raise more than what I’m about to share with you.

And no, the title isn’t meant as a challenge to literally sue me in court. The featured piece for tonight’s entry comes from Yahoo! and USA Today – and to say that an eyebrow was raised would be an understatement.

In the US, people seem to be lawsuit-happy. A company does something or goes against your liking? Sue them and make it rain money! And with lawyers aplenty, no doubt there’s bound to be one willing to take up a case, no matter how frivolous it is. Thankfully, common sense won out this round.

You see, a woman tried to sue Fresh Inc., the makers of the popular SUGAR Lip Balm, because “the company tried to mislead consumers about the quantity of its lip balm” (USA Today).

No lie – that had me stopping to pause and think about the tubes of lip balm I threw out as soon as I couldn’t twist them anymore. Did I really get my money’s worth from those tubes? Considering the cost does add up over time…

It wasn’t until I read the court’s rebuttal to the woman’s lawsuit that has me now planning to snag as many of those Starbucks cup plug stick things as I can: the court told her that Fresh Inc was accurate in stating the amount of lip balm in their products and that if she wanted to get her money’s worth, she could “scrape it out with” her finger. For a $24 lip balm, I can understand the woman’s frustration. But I do have to peg her for her choice of a pricey lip balm when there are much cheaper alternatives (unless they don’t work for her, she’s allergic to them, or Sugar really is worth the price tag) and for suing a company over something that’s rather trivial.

I have to side with the courts on their decision. In fact, I don’t know whether I should feel sorry for the judge who had to hear that case out or cheer for them, as it’s another experience to add to their belt.

If anything, the woman who decided to sue just did a rather pricey PSA: get every bit of lip balm from that tube in any way you can – get your money’s worth!

Tune in next Sunday to see what’ll cause BBA to raise an eyebrow!

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