TRE: Coastal Makeup Conventions

Heylo, BBs! If you’re a New Yorker, are obsessed with any makeup event, both, or none of the above, the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) took place this weekend and I ended up going to the Sunday portion of the 3-day event (I thought I initially bought the Saturday ticket).

Despite the event being the first massive makeup-related gathering I’ve ever attended, I actually didn’t walk away with a lot of things in terms of bags and bags of makeup products from vendors who showed up to sell. Even as I type, my legs and feet are berating me for walking 15 blocks after circling Pier 94 (the venue) for a good 30 minutes looking for the specific booths I was hoping to raid products from.

So what got me raising an eyebrow at IMATS 2016? Well, the event itself didn’t wrong me. No, I actually had a good time attending this year because I just found out about it last year and had enough sense to buy my ticket in December last year.


Like, holy shit. There’s crowds and then there’s CROWDS. I was staring at a sea of people carrying IMATS bags, Violet Voss bags, Dose of Color bags, etc. Booths had rings of people carrying their purchases around them, save only for a few. Mind you, I was honestly expecting less people today because it was the last day of IMATS and I was under the impression that majority of people went on Saturday.

NOPE. There was a long line for Morphe (overhyped and the palettes left me unimpressed), Sigma, Lime Crime (yes, they had a booth despite the controversy it underwent), Anastasia Beverly Hills (it’s to be expected), MakeUp Forever, Dose of Colors, Royal and Langnickel (though not as severe. They made a fan out of me today) and NYX Cosmetics – oh, I have a bone to pick with this one later on.

I was super surprised nobody was raiding Ardelle for their lashes (they had a good deal! I snagged me 14 LASHES FOR $2.86 A PIECE). They did run out of one of the lashes that a sales rep suggested I raid from their booth, which made me sad, but I needed something to withstand the practice sessions I’m going to take on with false eyelashes. That brand has cult status on reddit’s MakeupAddiction for fuck’s sake!

Throughout my venture into the event, I was telling my cousin Kaithlyn what I was seeing and she let me know some of the brands she was hoping to snag a good deal from. I managed to get her a much desired lipstick shade from Jouer Cosmetics (thankfully discounted). Much to our disappointment, RCMA was bone dry by the time I got to it – she wanted me to get her the translucent powder because it was cheap and I figured I’d get me one too, but when she guided me over the phone to the location of the booth because I was going around like a headless chicken, the booth had little to display.

Adding to that was my disappointment with NYX Cosmetics. Now, you’d think that with an event like IMATS, brands would do their best to create converts by selling products at a discount – NYX apparently missed the memo because when I perused their products, they weren’t discounted. At. All.

Cue this reaction:


I was hoping to snag some goodies from them. But I wasn’t desperate to buy from them since they were going to open a NYX store in Kings Plaza this summer. So I didn’t consider not buying from the booth a huge loss. But still… NYX, Y U NOT GIVE ME DISCOUNTS?

So off I went to make more discoveries and see what’s up in the beauty world, but I didn’t find much that engaged me (partly because my wallet felt more like a ball and chain). Ultimately, I ended up buying me a bunch of Ardelle Falsies and a $30 13 piece brush kit from Royal and Langnickel (expect a CO post on them this month). It’s a puny haul compared to the ones that YouTubers posted from the LA event, but I’m actually pleased with my purchase – I was also trying to curb my makeup addiction and I did really well.

I wonder what’s in store for next year’s TRE…

Did you BBs attend IMATS NYC 2016 this year? What do you hope to learn from someone who attended?

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