Currently Obsessed: Kiko Cleansing Milk and Moving

Heylo, BBs and welcome to another belated week of Currently Obsessed! I am in full-chaos mode for a week now because I’m in the process of moving out of my current apartment, which means that my attention has been focused on deciding which belongings have to go, which have to stay, and making sure that nothing gets left behind. I’m still in the first part of the process because the place I’m moving into is not fully ready yet.

But I remembered that I made the same mistake last week with the last Currently Obsessed and that today is Saturday. Which means I missed my posting schedule – but not too late that I completely went AWOL.

With that out of the way, this week’s Currently Obsessed product is another Kiko product (I swear, I’m not shilling for the company. My debt can have a conversation with you regarding how much I burned it during Kiko’s Sale Days) that has saved my butt these past few days that I’ve opted to wear makeup: The Cleansing Milk.

As with major cosmetic company, Kiko Milano offers makeup-removing products for convenience and in this case, I opted to buy their Cleansing Milk because it was on sale for $3.90 (now regular price at $9.00) and it was good for all skin types. I also wanted a less greasy alternative to the Sephora makeup remover (I didn’t like how greasy my skin felt after using it), so I figured I’d give Kiko’s skincare a try.

The first time I actually used the product was when I took an out of town trip with my makeup train to give it a go. Unfortunately, what I didn’t know was that I was supposed to use a cotton pad with it. I didn’t have one at the time, so I improvised and used it as a face wash of sorts.

It certainly took off my makeup despite the lack of a cotton pad, but what really impressed me was the fact that my face didn’t feel dry (though it appeared to be). The dryness could be remedied easily, since I had to moisturize part of my face anyway. Since I’ve never used a Kiko Milano skincare product before, I was honestly expecting it to be a bust – I’m always under the impression that makeup companies that do skincare products are either good in makeup and bad in skincare or vice versa.

But when I don’t feel like doing the Tatcha ritual of Camelia Oil + Enzyme Powder, I find myself reaching for the Kiko Cleansing Milk to clean away my makeup face. Is it something I’d buy again? Not really. While it’s cheaper than my Tatcha items, I do like the cleansing feeling that the Camelia Oil + Rice Powder combination give to my skin.

I finally got to figuring out that my brother gave me a portable lighting studio. XD

Next Friday, I’m going to round up all the products I featured in my Currently Obsessed entries to let you know where to buy them at the best possible price. And don’t miss out on tomorrow’s interesting TRE – you might find yourself raising your eyebrow too!

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