TRE: $17,000 Makeup Splurge

Or how my latest bout of depression has left me emotionally crippled for hours on end to the point where I’m convinced there is no end in sight.

Hullo, BBs. Yes, I’m aware that today is Monday. I do apologize for the fact that I just can’t be on schedule with my posts. Aside from the fact that I’m in the process of moving, I’m suffering from a debilitating bout of depression – it’s bad enough that all I could do was lay in bed and burst into tears.

Somehow, my frustration at the fact that I was supposed to post a TRE entry yesterday was enough to temporarily get me out of my funk and type away here. But not enough to keep me from just tearing up every now and then.

But let me not ramble on with my own personal demons. Let me bring you the entry you all deserve.

Since last week, a woman in New York City made headlines for a rather odd reason: she spent $17,000 on cosmetic products from a posh store on Third Avenue, but after learning she could not make any returns, she decided to sue the company that ran the shop.

In order to understand what demon possessed her to shell out $17,000 on cosmetic products (she bought skincare products as well), I had to learn about the store she bought from and how they managed to make such a sale. Turns out, it was the same type of store that got me to shell out $500 on an exfoliant-and-moisturizer set.

You see, these shops tend to be hidden away along the streets, unlike Sephora stores, and only become noticeable when their sales reps come out of nowhere and try to drag you into their store, claiming that they want to show you something fantastic or wonderful and it will only take a few minutes of your time. The moment you hear those words, RUN. RUN AND NEVER FUCKING LOOK BACK.

Once they draw you in, they will do everything in their power to keep you there and convince you to buy their overpriced exfoliates, anti-aging creams, moisturizers, etc. They will even go as far as demonstrating the products on you, and if you’re still not sold or say that the price is too much, offer “discounts” so you can buy them.

I can only imagine what that woman went through when she got lured into the store and bombarded with all these “miraculous” products. Aw hell, she was probably feeling shitty that day the same way I did when I was trying to walk to my therapist’s office on a downpour.

But the employees must have done quite the brainwashing to the point that the woman never considered asking about their return policy, because she claims in the suit that the store’s return policy isn’t openly displayed. I’ve had too many mishaps with products that I’ve learned to inquire about the return policies in stores. Does it make me look like a flaky, item-returning person? Maybe.

But at the very least, I know that I’m guaranteed to make a smart purchase, even if the item turns out to be bad – because I know if it’s returnable or not.

Read the full story here.

The Raised Eyebrow is scheduled to be posted on Sundays. I will try my hardest to stick to that schedule, though sometimes I can’t find a story that has me raising my eyebrow. :/

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