TRE: My Half-Baked Lighting Studio

This week, I made an exception to The Raised Eyebrow because for the first time, a makeup product or trend didn’t have me raising it: rather, it was an incomplete order that I recently made that did it. And not in a what-the-actual-fuck way, but more of a the-fuck-is-this-bullshit way.

You see, I felt like I needed to upgrade from the itty bitty lightbox that my brother gave to me because he no longer needed it. So I had to invest in a giant one that Temptalia uses (because shit damn, those snapshots in the posts look goooooood) and after a mishap with ordering what I initially thought was the same product for a really cheap price (the damn thing costs $100 at its lowest before taxes), I managed to order the correct one. Two days later, I got it.

Only to find out that I was short of a fluorescent lamp. ಠ_ಠ

At first, I thought it was strange. Maybe I missed a box that contained the lamp? But I remember the box being light as fuck and having only the wrapping paper in it when it was set to be thrown out. The lamp would have given the box some weight. So I checked the materials that I pulled out of the box for setup. Nope. No lamp whatsoever.

I checked the product details. The damn set was supposed to have a lamp.


So I had to get in touch with Amazon (great job btw ಠ_ಠ) and apparently I had only one of two options: send the whole shit back to them for a replacement (they had to have the company that makes the product ship to them in order to ship to me) or I can contact the company for a replacement. The former was no longer an option, seeing as how I threw the damn boxes out already. And I wasn’t gonna go through the expense of having to buy boxes to ship back to Amazon so they can fix the problem.

I emailed the company and explained the situation. I’m hoping they’ll get back to me soon, because I really don’t wanna have to hack something that I paid 100 bucks for. And I didn’t appreciate the fact that Amazon presented themselves like they made the friggin thing when it was from a third party company that had to send the damn thing to them first.

Next time, I’ll just suck it up and order from B & H. At least they’re willing to let me know if shit hits the fan. In beauty related news, I am currently obsessed over blushes (I can’t stop looking at these buggers) and I’m itching to try It cosmetics and Ulta products. Even though I have a shit ton of products that need my attention. And I have blushes that I haven’t hit pan on.

I think I can hear the NYX and the Sephora blushes screaming from my makeup train.

You really dropped the ball on this one, Amazon... ಠ_ಠ
You really dropped the ball on this one, Amazon… ಠ_ಠ

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