Life Update Part 1

Holy shit, a new post from BBA!

Yes, it’s been a good while since I last posted – I’ve been busy with short staff at work, moving issues, career change, running a giveaway for the first time, and minor body issues. I’m gonna split the updates into parts so you don’t get blinded with lengthy block paragraphs.

I’m gonna start with work because this has been the biggest time consumer and relates to the career change part.

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A Breather Entry

Hey Beautiful Blossoms!

After being on hiatus for over a month, I finally got the chance to come back and just do a quick entry – I hadn’t realized that the last entry that I wrote was on March 7, but that’s what happens when moving plans fall apart get delayed, family members have a health crisis, death in the family, and heavier workload all come tearing after your time.

I’ve been a little more active on Insta due to the fact that I’m hosting the first ever Blossom Beautiful Aesthetics Giveaway, with the theme being Beauty Twins. If you guys are interested, the giveaway is open until May 25 and the rules are available on the first BBA Giveaway Insta post. There are more posts that follow that clarify the rules a bit (though to my disappointment, some people are at risk of disqualification because they are not following the rules 😦 and I want everyone to get a fair shot at winning… ).

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Happy Birthday… to me.

I sang those words once, in front of my cheating ex and in tears. The clock had just gone past midnight.

I can still remember that night a year ago. I fully believed that my life was over. Yet, here I am. Still able to wish myself a happy birthday, my first one without him. 

All I got going for me since then is a planned beauty birthday haul. And that’s pretty much how the rest of my birthdays will be – just doing a yearly makeup haul in my moments alone, when I’m not in the company of others. 

Whether I’ll still cry like I did last time is up in the air. 

It is September Already. Holy Shit.

August flew by real quick. But then again, when you have a cubicle job, every day feels like it drags. It’s the birth month already and I haven’t even met my lifetime goal of stepping up my game and start blogging away endlessly like almost every beauty blogger/vlogger out there like I’m supposed to. I honestly don’t know how you folks do it and I’m pretty sure you have busier schedules than me.

You would think that I would have had an end-of-the-month entry. Or my weekly Currently Obsessed (which I shifted over to YouTube because I feel more animated vlogging about products that I really like). But nope. The last day of August came and went and holy shit, September came in and steamrolled me over with a trip down to the South by bus and spotty internet connection at my cousin’s.

So what does September look like for BBA? Good question. During some brief moments of pondering that I got (in-between the chaos of a silver wedding anniversary celebration), I realized that half of my makeup stash has already been reviewed to the moon and back. I don’t really see any point in  review blogging/vlogging them anymore because who the hell wants another frickin’ opinion on something that has been raved and/or revolted many times over?

Even worse is the fact that half of that half is limited edition. So I can rave about it to the ends of the Earth but you’d never be able to buy it the same way I did. Or if you do find the product, you’re either going to run in to a fake one or a legit one that’s been overpriced.

I think the hardest thing about beauty blogging is figuring out what you want it to be in the end. Do you make a mad-dash to the end of the Yellow Brick Road and into Emerald City, or do you take the time to stop and smell the roses?


TRE: When the Addiction is Too Real…

This week’s TRE does not feature the Kardashian-Jenners, KFC’s weird ass chicken-scented sunscreen (I’m beginning to think that KFC is pushing the Soylent Green agenda to reality), YouTube beauty vlogger drama (I don’t mind the tea spilling but it’s getting tiresome tbh), or any other mainstream beauty news. Rather, it’s going to be about BBA and me. Because I’m tired of rehashing things that have been reported already to hell and back. And the blog needs to be more selfish and personal, if that even makes any sense.

So what got me raising an eyebrow at BBA and myself?

You see, I had to rearrange my bed area / work space in an attempt to fight back at my bout of depression. Now, I have my work station right next to a shoe rack that you hang over a door. Except it’s not filled with shoes: it’s filled with makeup products.

Lots. And lots. And my tiaras to boot.

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No TRE This Week!

Happy Sunday, Beautiful Blossoms! Unfortunately there is no The Raised Eyebrow entry for today because I haven’t come across anything in the beauty scene that has me raising an eyebrow. I’m also trying to draft a schedule I can stick to (I really want to try and blog everyday) that doesn’t have me just posting review after review after review (I think the YouTube channel would be better suited for that). But to do that on the daily is… admittedly draining, which is why I never really got to posting everyday.

Especially when you come home from enthusiasm-draining work. But I will try somehow – I still got the end of August to set up a trial run for the future. And I also gotta try and save me damn license to boot.

TRE: My Half-Baked Lighting Studio

This week, I made an exception to The Raised Eyebrow because for the first time, a makeup product or trend didn’t have me raising it: rather, it was an incomplete order that I recently made that did it. And not in a what-the-actual-fuck way, but more of a the-fuck-is-this-bullshit way.

You see, I felt like I needed to upgrade from the itty bitty lightbox that my brother gave to me because he no longer needed it. So I had to invest in a giant one that Temptalia uses (because shit damn, those snapshots in the posts look goooooood) and after a mishap with ordering what I initially thought was the same product for a really cheap price (the damn thing costs $100 at its lowest before taxes), I managed to order the correct one. Two days later, I got it.

Only to find out that I was short of a fluorescent lamp. ಠ_ಠ

At first, I thought it was strange. Maybe I missed a box that contained the lamp? But I remember the box being light as fuck and having only the wrapping paper in it when it was set to be thrown out. The lamp would have given the box some weight. So I checked the materials that I pulled out of the box for setup. Nope. No lamp whatsoever.

I checked the product details. The damn set was supposed to have a lamp.

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