Happy New Year!

Here’s to the first post of 2017.

And this is what I’m hoping to accomplish on the blog site and the YouTube Channel:

  1. POST MOAR. I had to stop the weekly posting schedules (Currently Obsessed, The Raised Eyebrow, etc.) because I haven’t been consistently putting makeup and skincare tests on the regular in a way that would allow me to give a thorough review on them. That being said, I still use the products I mentioned last year (some of which I’ve already run out of, actually, and I haven’t bothered to get replacements because either the full-size version was too expensive for me to get or I switched to something else that’s more affordable as a repurchase.
  2. VLOG MOAR. If people think that filming a YouTube clip and posting it while having job and life outside of YouTube is easy peasy needs to get a reality check smack. Majority of the big-name YouTube channels (especially in the beauty joint) have quit their traditional/regular/day/night jobs to do YouTube full time. The ones who are still able to hold down a job? I envy them because they have the flexibility (and in my case, the space) to do so. Ever tried filming when you hear your name getting yelled at every 5 minutes to get shit done? When you only have bookcases as your divider in a room?
  3. Tear through my humongous stash of makeup. Leeet’s just say my money would be screaming profanities until Armageddon if it could speak. But at the same time, it wasn’t notoriously difficult to meet certain thresholds for free makeup shit, especially when you walk into a mall that has an e.l.f. store, a MAC, a Nordstron, a Neiman Marcus, a Sephora, and a Macy’s. And Ulta nearby.

Aaaaand those are the foremost things that come to mind. Not to mention quite an eyeful to read on the first day of the year. Hopefully, when the official big move happens (which means I CAN FINALLY GET MY OWN DAMN ROOM), I’ll have my Ikea Alex drawers to finally put my stash away.

I swear, the only reason I’m getting me one is because it makes organizing shit look so damn seamless.

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