Currently Obsessed: e.l.f. and Laura Mercier (Part 1)

And one that I’m now certain that I will chuck out: NYX Lip Lingerie (because they made a Lingerie line for lids and I made the mistake of using it as a liquid lip).

Welp, Beautiful Blossoms, I did say in an earlier post today that I was going to blog after work! Sure, it took me a bit of time to get settled (I left one of my bags at the clinic so I had to go and get it), but now everything is well again in my makeup space.

I’m kinda glad to bring back the Currently Obsessed series because it’s been some time since I became obsessed with what I use in my makeup rotation and in this case, I found myself doing a Pong between the e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick in A Touch of Blush and the Laura Mercier DS Velour Lovers Lip Color in Devotion.

And pretty much disliking the NYX Lip Lingerie in Teddy, which I wore today and I can honestly say that it is NOT flattering on me.

Laura Mercier DS Velour Lovers Lip Color in Devotion

I’m starting with this lil’ bab of a lipstick because this was the first of the two I had used. I was browsing through Sephora’s almost-always-sucky Rewards Bazaar for some goodies to use my almost-useless points on, and I noticed that they had the Laura Mercier lipstick DS as an option. Now, I love my lipsticks as full size tubes (it’s just how I roll), but I was intrigued to try something from Laura Mercier that wasn’t the infamous Loose Setting powder.

I got the lil’ bab lipstick and threw it in my jumble of a bag and forgot about it until it was time to wear a lip color for the day at the office and I didn’t wanna wear red or pinky pink. And that’s when the lil’ bab was discovered again and, unsure of how the color was gonna look on my lips, decided to give it a go.

Best. Decision. Ever. The dusty rose shade applied nicely and provided an even coverage of my dual-toned lips. The size of the lipstick surprised me too – I was expecting to be very messy in working with such a teeny tiny tube of lipstick with large hands. Nope – the smaller size made it easier to apply the lipstick along the corners of my mouth.

The shade looked so flattering in person too – now I finally understood what people meant when they say a shade is MLBB – I found it with this shade.

I thought that that was it – I would never look at another lipstick color. I mean, why would I? I found a shade that made my lips look better instead of unevenly pigmented.

And then e.l.f. happened.

e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Satin Lipstick in A Touch of Blush

I wish I could tell you the number of times I’ve seen this one hanging on the shelves of my go-to e.l.f. store and ignored it for other things. The Beautifully Bare line was created to be as natural looking as possible – think “no makeup” makeup. I tend to be slightly personally extra when it comes to makeup, so the line was not really something that appealed to me.

But it just so happens that A Touch of Blush was included in a free gift set promo for spending $25 or more in the store. It was not difficult to hit that quota and so, I ended up getting a bag with it and some other products from the Beautifully Bare line.

The bag was forgotten until a friend came to town to visit and my cousin and I were scrambling on what to gift her – it was rare for her to visit and she did have an interest in makeup, but she preferred the minimal approach. Naturally, the gift set came to mind and when I opened the bag to check the contents again to see if it was enough, that’s when I took notice of the lipstick.

The color was a shade that I had been drawn to for some time. As much as I loved the Laura Mercier lipstick, I had some darker toned shirts that it clashed against, so I needed something slightly darker to match.

Part of me wanted to snag the lipstick from the gift bag, but I decided against it because it wasn’t like I couldn’t get it – I could easily get it online if I wanted to. So I decided that I would remember the shade name and get it from my favorite e.l.f. store the moment I was near it again.

(To be continued in Part 2)

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