Hello, Beautiful Blossoms. Yes, it’s me. And no, the site is not dead. It’s just that so much has happened these past few months that it would be much simpler to list them in bullet points:

  • New place but no steady Internet.
  • Fender bender that’s costing me quite the pretty penny.
  • New job has me tired whenever I finish my shift.
  • Burnout from the beauty scene.

I’m feeling the last one a lot more as of late. I don’t know if it’s due to the holiday season, but I haven’t been crazy about what’s happening in the mainstream beauty scene. Between drama, makeup releases that are faster than possibly the speed of light, and the reality of burning your wallet while trying keeping up with the Kardashians (let’s face it – they are considerably the Joneses of the beauty community), I needed a break.

Actually, I needed to find my center again. To find the reason why I dove into the rabbit hole that is makeup. I did it (and still do, when my body and mind permits me) as a form of self-care. Now, I can’t even be assed to look at the BBA Vault without feeling some anxiety, remorse, or both – so many things to supposedly review (the eyeshadow palettes alone are more than I can shake a fist at), but also a sobering reminder of just how much I really need to be real with myself and my financial situation.

And then there’s the whole Instagram scene too. I see some followers who are somehow able to keep posting almost daily (granted, they have wifi, which I don’t have), showcasing their artwork/skills/collections, etc. I can’t honestly remember the last thing that I posted on the BBA Insta off the top of my head – I’m too concerned trying to monitor my time because I have to be up again in a few hours JUST to make the commute to my current job.

I need makeup to be fun again – not a chore or a clutch just to help me get through the day. I’m still trying to figure that out.

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