BBA Musings Round 2: Post-Coronavirus

There have been murmurs about how life as we know it is going to be remembered into two distinct parts: pre-coronavirus and post-coronavirus. There is a small (?) optimism about life returning to “normal,” however that’s defined, once a treatment or cure has been found. My personal viewpoint is that this virus is not treatable in the sense that it’s going to be around like the seasonal flu – the most we can do is create a base vaccine that will protect us from its most basic form and hope that it matches the strain that’s gonna be making its rounds. And the reason for that belief is that people seem to forget that viruses mutate and adapt.

But Blossy, there are other viruses that we’ve been able to eradicate or treat consistently! What makes COVID-19 so different to you?

For one thing, look at how quickly SARS COV (the name of the virus that caused SARS) was researched and stemmed, compared to its current, chaos-causing sibling. I’m treading into tinfoil hat here, but I find it highly suspicious that governments were more quick to to respond and mobilize to SARS COV compared to COVID-19. And these two viruses are actually part of the same virus family. I could go on and on about the complexities of it all, but I’m going to save you the trouble of reading blocks of paragraphs from me by listing this link from Healthline.

Also, today’s post isn’t to focus on the current pandemic – rather, the impact it’s made on beauty as we know it. The most obvious one? The fact that face masks pretty much makes wearing a full face kinda moot, unless you enjoy taking off your mask and seeing half of your face imprinted on it.

While lurking around reddit, I came across this post:

The inspiration for today’s post.

It resonated with me, as I’ve been working from home and the weather has not been makeup friendly. But then again, my makeup habits haven’t been too different before the pandemic hit: I barely wore makeup since I work in a small office and most of my day is relegated between my 7-hour shift and 4 hours of commuting (2 hours to the office and 2 hours back – in the same frickin’ borough). And depending on the time of the year, either my skin is baking from the summer heat despite my car’s best efforts to cool me or its heater working hard during Old Man Winter’s tantrums.

Did I mention the rainy days from Spring? And Fall? What is this season you call Fall? Lol.

But yeah – now that masks are pretty much mandatory (let’s face it – even when COVID-19 is stemmed, face masks are going to be more or less a common thing, unless you’re an ignorant dimwit that thinks wearing a mask is infringing on your basic human right), it makes the idea of wearing makeup on the entirety of your face kinda moot – the main things that get seen are the eyes and the brows (and maybe highlighter or contour). And yeah, at some point the mask is gonna come off during eating and drinking, but do people really make a point to stare at how well the makeup was applied at the part of the face that’s essentially covered most of the time?

Sure, I can still do eye makeup, but part of the appeal of makeup to me is being able to showcase my makeup application on the features that I’m… naturally afforded by the genetic lottery…

The process of getting this GIF here is also depicted as above. Lol.

But part of life is adjusting to what’s hurled at you and kind of out of your control, so I’ll just have to eventually make peace with the idea that makeup is going to be focused on the parts of the face that’s not covered up, as opposed to the pre-pandemic days when having a full beat face was common (at least, online – I’ve seen full beat faces in the real world but not as common as the Internet would have me believe).

Keep safe out there and remember: #WearAMask !


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