IMATS Weekend!

IT'S FINALLY HERE! IMATS AT NYC! I've been looking forward to this weekend since last year - there are some newcomers coming in and my go to regulars are back to take another crack at my poor wallet. Deets to follow. DEETS! 😂


Hello, Beautiful Blossoms. Yes, it's me. And no, the site is not dead. It's just that so much has happened these past few months that it would be much simpler to list them in bullet points: New place but no steady Internet. Fender bender that's costing me quite the pretty penny. New job has me …

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A Quick Life Update

Hi Beautiful Blossoms! I have a bit of downtime with my extra work shift so I figured I'd check in to see what was the last thing I wrote here. And it was a pretty dark entry, especially with what happened when it was written. Today's post has a bit more cheer: I managed to pass …

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The BBA Makeup Workhorses

Hey, Beautiful Blossoms! I'm glad to be able to sneak in a blog entry today - between working my regular and overtime hours, shuffling between the old apartment and the new house, and trying to get my licensing exam in order, it's nice to be able to talk about something that's completely unrelated to all …

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A Breather Entry

Hey Beautiful Blossoms! After being on hiatus for over a month, I finally got the chance to come back and just do a quick entry - I hadn't realized that the last entry that I wrote was on March 7, but that's what happens when moving plans fall apart get delayed, family members have a …

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