Choosing Platforms: YouTube vs Blogging

When I wanted to create an online presence to discuss my personal beauty preference(s), blogging was the first thing to come to mind. At the time, many people were flocking to YouTube with the hopes that they’d be the next big beauty channel with subscribers, free PR, and millions of views. From a business standpoint, I was basically on the counterflow to what seemed to be the tried-and-true route for making waves in the scene.

But why blogging and not YouTube?

I’ll admit, my camera presence isn’t great. If anything, it’s probably similar to watching wet paint on the wall dry. My earlier videos show my slow, amateur start to recording. They’re still there, if you’re curious to check out (I managed to get an improved microphone though and a needed video editor because Microsoft was no longer working with my video formats). I don’t remember the last time I uploaded – my channel has been on the back burner for some time and I doubt it’ll change anytime soon.

I’m more active on the blogging end – I don’t have to go through the process of filming, editing, and ensuring that both audio and video are smooth and in sync. Did I mention I don’t have to lug my set up around (a camcorder with a tripod, a lightbox, a platform, and a 9V battery) just to find a quiet place to record? (Note: trying to filter out background noise for your video is a bitch).

With blogging, all I really need is a computer and an internet and remember my login and boom, done. Not only that, I’m more of a write-or-type-your-thoughts kind of person. Verbalizing my thoughts on video takes a bit of a process – I wanna make sure I’m conveying what I’m saying. With a keyboard, it’s a linear process for my fingers to type out what I want to say.

In fact, the latest “What Went Wrong?” segment was supposed to be a video – but when I did some test runs on filming my thoughts about UD Naked, I realized that I ended up repeating the same sentiment a couple of times and they would be better expressed through blogging. I certainly don’t want to film 10 minutes of me rambling the same thought process over and over, especially when Naked has been reviewed endlessly for its pros and cons by numerous YouTube videos.

YouTube is an audio and visual medium – sure, you can just listen to a video but if the audio doesn’t describe what’s going on visually, you’re only getting 1/2 of the whole package, which is kind of unfair in a sense – what’s the point of filming if the audio and visual don’t work in harmony? Might as well just do a Podcast.

I’ve also noticed that I have this driving need to give more of myself when I talk to the little lens of my camcorder – not that I don’t give a lot of myself when I blog, but there’s a different level of intimacy when you record yourself that I’m still trying to come to terms with. I don’t know how daily vloggers / livestreamers / Let’s Play(ers) do it, because it’s indescribably draining. Once filming is done, I feel like I need to take a break and recharge. With blogging, I have this small burst of energy that has me on the go after posting.

I’d like to be able to film another video for the channel one of these days – partly because it’s a bit of a challenge to me to translate what I type on the blog into a verbal and visual format.

What platform do you like to use when you browse the Internet for beauty discussions?

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