Currently Obsessed: Kiko Collection (Part 1)

aka I learn the hard way how many Kiko Milano products I’ve bought within the span of 3 months.

Hello Beautiful Blossoms! I’m sorry for the delay in the entry post – it took me a while to get some shots for today’s post and had to decide how many pictures I was going to showcase, since I have a limited amount of space available to use.

In the course of taking these pictures, I had to dig through my makeup stashes to find ALL of my Kiko Milano products. And realized that if I were to take all the pictures I had of them, I wouldn’t be able to post today. So I figured I’d make 2 entries.

Yep. It’s that fairly massive. Lol.

WARNING: This entry is IMAGE-HEAVY. It’s best to check it out on a desktop rather than a phone internet browser.

My Intensely Lavish Lipstick Collection in Shade 03
The Tube case and the Lip Bullet
My Moon Eyeshadows in Shades 02 (Right) and 03 (Left)
My Temptress Lip Set. I’m currently using Shade 04.
My Temptress Lip Set Collection in Shades 03 and 04. I forgot to showcase Shade 03 @ _ @, so I will showcase it in Part 2.
My Moon Eyeshadow Collection in Shade 01
The Rebel Bouncy Shade 03 Set and the Rebel Romantic Double-ended Face Brush (I’ll bring the brush out in Part 2).
My Colour Sphere Eyeshadow Set in Shades 106 and 101.
My Lip Liner Set. Couldn’t get the pencil to be uncapped without it rolling off ಠ_ಠ

More to come in Part 2: Nail Polish Removers, even MORE Moon Eyeshadows, and unboxed versions.

Stay blooming!

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